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My Secret Admirer: Chapter 6 :iconyakobozooo:yakobozooo 16 12
Body Switch
Mello: *Chokes on own saliva*...... .... this is why I hate sleeping =____=..... ?
Mello: .....*Looks around*....... this ain't my room....
Mello: This is... Nears room...? What the hell am I doing here??.... >.-_.>
Mello: *sigh*...? … *Lifts up sleeve*
Mello: ......
Near: ...
Near: Are you really surprised by this mello?
Mello: .....Should I be worried?._.
Mello: Umm... yea. Pretty much.
Near: Why would you worry? I'm just an emotionless freak. *turns from mello"
Mello: You're sick........ You better not do anything to my body you fucking emo!
Matt: O.O....... *was there the whole time*
Near: Uhm... Hey Matt...
Matt: .......
Matt: Are u guys.... role playing or something? Or am I just crazy?
Mello: .... Your cra-..... I mean... V_V yes, were role-playing.
Near: Uhm, Role-play, yea that's it.
Near: I was just trying to show this idiot some pointers
Mello: *Grits teeth a little*........ *nod* V_V
Matt: o.o..... ok...
Matt: I'll be go
:iconyaoicrazy:YaoiCrazy 28 93
:Mello's birthday present:
Near's POV~ December 13:
It's been four months ever since that clown incident, and I've wanted to prank Mello back somehow. It wasn't a real clown, I know that. I still have the right to sabotage Mello's birthday though.
So far, he's gotten countless of presents, mostly from girls. Matt, like always, gave him the same present Mello receives from him every year. A hug. Not just any hug, a "ten second Matty hug". He acts as if he doesn't enjoy them, but he blushes like a tomato every time, quite amusing to see. I sat in my usual position on the floor taking in the whole image, and I felt slightly guilty for wanting to ruin such a hallmark moment. It's not every day that we see Mello smiling and actually enjoying life. But nonetheless, a harmless prank wouldn't do so much damage would it?
I decided to go through the prank the next day since it obviously wouldn't work right at this moment. The prank was born when I realized that Mello had taken a little too muc
:iconyaoicrazy:YaoiCrazy 21 88


to those who were requesting for me to do stuff of mmd, i'm sorry but i can't fulfill your requests. i've quit mmd completely, and i won't be using it again. i'm sorry ;_;


YuMoriChii's Profile Picture
Akimoto Aiko
Hi!!! I'm Aki! I'm a high school student and a doujinshi-ka. ^^

I draw lots of anime and manga, but I can't upload it here. Why? Scanner problem. What problem? I don't have a scanner! XD

I also write fanfictions! But I don't upload it since I'm afraid I couldn't finish it on time. I do a lot of things everyday, and I have to multi task to complete what I have to do. ^^"

The anime I'm into right now is Hetalia and Kuroshitsuji. My favorite characters are Hong Kong, Canada, and Ciel Phantomhive. Oh, and I'm a yaoi fangirl!!!! ^w^

When it comes to music, my preference is Jpop and Jrock. My favorite bands are Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone, NEWS, Arashi, Johnny's Juniors, and many others from Johnny's! While my favorite Jrock bands are SID and the Gazette.

My Favorite Hetalia Pairings:
*Kumahiyo - Prussia x Canada :iconsexyprussia2plz::heart::iconcanadaukeplz:
*JoKer - America x England :iconuskissplz::iconukkiss2plz:
*Ohana Fuufu - Germany x Italy :iconsexygermanyplz::heart:::iconsexyitalyplz:
*RoChu - Russia x China :iconrussiaplz::heart::iconchinachinaplz:
*Spamano - Spain x Romano :iconspainsparklesplz::heart::iconromanosparklesplz:
*Edelweiss - Austria x Switerland :iconaustriasparklesplz::heart::iconswitzsparklesplz:

Skype - yuhagichii
Chat, anyone? >w<


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