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Miku Hatsune Fanart - Vocaloid2

:star: I'm a really fan of Miku hatsune since i was 11 years old xD, this is a remake of older drawings that i made when i was young, im glad to see the improvement through the years ^^
Siempre fui algo fan de miku y era hora de volver a hacerle un fanart a la niña >w> me gustó mucho el resultado ^^ me base en su diseño nuevo e intente que estuviesen todos los detalles 7u7 la sekaide xDD

:bulletblack: Artwork by me :iconyumoe:
:bulletblack: no bases no traces no copy

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That is sooo good! I've loved miku for about 2 years now, i started off at the innocent side of Vocaloid and now...idk anymore¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

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AAAAA esta gEnIALlLLl WaAaaA

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Me encanto! Esta Miku es espectacular.
Vaya, cuando te conocí, fue gracias a una vinculación con los dibujos de Bleedman, hasta llegar a ti. Desde que tenías tus 14 años, te vengo siguiendo desde entonces. En absoluto has ido mejorando tu estilo de dibujo. 
Muy hermoso. 
Por mi parte, yo te considero como un profesional. 
Mucho éxito Yumoe. thump up 
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Muchisimas gracias!!! :love: igualmente!! ^^ :dummy:
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This is gorgeous! :heart::star: 
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Hello, I am sorry that I traced your art. I took down the traced image and I am now being myself. I deeply apologize. I hope you can forgive me.
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mystical-wolfy has traced your art, just wanted you to know, also this drawing is absolutely adorable! Great Work!
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Hi ^^ thank you for tell me, i will report the deviation 
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She like crazy 😵
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No me lo creo, estas en la pagina principal del DA!  OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 

Hermoso dibujo de miku en tu estilo, por un momento crei que era candy haciendo cosplay :XD:
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sii!! hehe QWQ Muchas gracias! ^^ 
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I hate this character but I love the way you drew her :heart:
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haha xD Thank You! ^^
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she looks like a yandere X3 noice drawing tho (Uw0)
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nice posing and nice shading, but if I may, I'd like to give some constructive criticism.

the eye circle (pupils+ irises, I do not know how to call them in english) should be more distanced and centered, when we look in front our eyes are in the center of the eye. your picture can give the impression she is actually crossing eyes like if she tries to watch something very near her face between her eyes. this could make her expression seem somewhat loony (that is not the focus of the art piece, I seem to understand)
mind you that this is something that could be misinterpreted, not something that everyone could see.

an another partial issue is the penumbra shading on her face, I understand that you wanted to give a "volume" with the lighting, that is directly over her body, and that's even realistic.
the problem is that a shade over the forehead and the eyes in manga styled visual language is used to express negative reactions, similar to the vertical lines near, over or in place of the eyes, that probably is a visual semplification of shading (that could be more complex as shading is often made with screentones)
to resolve this misinterpretation you can simplify the penumbra on the face, adding shading only on the edges of the face oval and making the shadows of the hair more prevalent that would give a "depth" to the lighting.
shading in stylized manga style is something very complex to learn, as the volumes follow a stylistic rule instead of a realistic rule and because stylistic manga style is a purely personal evolution that does not really follow a precise rule (Naruto, not the greatest choice I know, is completely different from Hellsing, yet both "stylized manga")

now, let me be clear, I am not "correcting" mistakes. I would never arrogate myself the right to do so. I am just saying some things that I think could help for a cleared interpretation of your future art pieces, you are free to ignore this words if you feel to do so.

let me finish with complementing again the shading of the opera as it is very well done.
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Thank you so much for the critic! ^^ I  will keep it in mind :D
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holy crap a paragraph (0w0)
was this an essay? =w=
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it was the best way to express honestly what my opinions where and give a constructive comment.

my essays get longer, my last school essay was 30 pages long, in colors, with photographs and printed at a typography.
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