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Hey everyone! Happy 2018!!! I hope you all had a magical start!
Sorry for the inactivity here recently. I've been away almost the entire December or working hard on commissions that haven't been officially given to their owners (they were presents) so I won't spoil the surprise and post them here just yet. I originally had planned to participate in a few nice contests but... well time just ran ahead of me I guess.

So, as for my plans for the start of 2018:
I won't open commissions for a little while. I want to focus on a few pictures I wanted to do myself and also want to continue working on Silhouette Chronicles and my WITCH Sovereign Comic.
I'll finish up the remaining commissions over the next weeks and then will work harder on my own projects for a while. I hope you understand. Those two comics are quite important to me and I lost track of them over the many commissions and other things going on in my life.

I can't say when I'll be opening commissions again. Maybe February, maybe sometime in summer. I don't know yet. That depends on my mood. I might take a commission once in a while to give myself something else to work on for a couple of days. Should you be interested in a commission feel free to leave a note under the commission thingy or contact me. I usually have a list of people that I notify first thing once I take commissions again. So if you want to be on such a list, drop by and say hi.

I'm kind of active on my instagram, posting random sketches or craftings I've done so you can always visit me there.
Otherwise I'll of cause stay here on DA and will try to upload something every now and then for you guys!
Thoughts From under a Cloak by YummingDoe4
Again, I hope you understand and see/hear you soon!
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