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I just finished another "How to" and was just wondering if there was any interest here on DA to read it as well.

EDIT: There hasn't been many comments yet so for those of you who are interested, you can check out my how to's here:

I've been giving tipps about writing for quite some years now and supported mostly young and unexperienced writers which is a lot of fun.
Since DA also has a writers commuinity I thought you might be interested in it.

One thing I'd like to remind you off though: I'm not an english native speaker. I take extra care not to make any mistakes in my stories and texts of cause but it may just happen that one or two mistakes get in anyways. Still the tipps might help you.

So should there be interest in reading How to's on different writing topics like "How to face a blank page/ get inspired/write an action scene/ write a movie script/write game documentation/write gap-filling scenes/divide a story into chapters/organize a project/ create a world/create a character/etc." and so on and so forth, leave a short comment.

That's it for today!
Thanks for the attention and see you around!

PS: Should you want to read something from me to check my "qualification" I suggest reading this for example: B1 Ch1 The Journey Begins
The afternoon sun threw dancing shadows over a green garden. Everywhere flowers blossomed, colorful and sparkling in joy of life. Under a group of trees, Kia Tenner, a tanned teenage Girl lay in the grass dozing off to some dreamy place, her bare feet moving every now and then, the red streaked hair swaying with the wind. Few meters away an older version of her sat in front of a laptop at a green garden table, fingers dashing the key board, blue eyes fixed onto the screen. Olivia was the oldest with her 20 years of life experience and she took her responsibilities more than serious. Three years had already passed since the two sisters had left their parent’s house for the Australian coastline and only one month ago Rhinoa and Josephine had joined them. The two spend most of their time at the beach.
Down a natural staircase heavy wind and rain had hewed into the cliff side, the ocean
whispered with every rolling wave that hit the shore. Water wiped through the warm air,
dainty fum

For an questions, remarks, complaints, or other kind of feedback as always, feel free to communicate yourself through comments and the likes :D
Gerganafen Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
I'm interested and going to read the How to's now. :)
YummingDoe4 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not many comments, which is fine. For the few of you who are still interested, you can check out my how to's here:
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April 14, 2015


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