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I finally finished the last commission from 2014 over the weekend -> Frozen Hazard P1: A CHYKN adventure by YummingDoe4 !!!
BIG YEY for that!

That means I'm taking commissions again from today on. <da:thumb id="511477678"/>
My prices got higher and I'd like to appologize for that. I know many of you have lovely ideas but because of some issues last year I had to change things.
I hope it's not too big of a problem.

To celebrate the start of 2015 and me taking commissions again, I added 2 discounts, instead of just one.
When you commission me, only one of those two will apply so you have to choose.
You can get either 20% discount on magical girl OCs OR 10% on any kind of picture with rain, fog or dust in it.

Of cause I still take Deviantart points so do not worry about that. The only change in payment is that now, I additionally take real money too.
The main reason why I chose to display the Dollar prices in the commission info is actually a space related one.
The space the amount of points would take to present wouldn't have fit with my general design... it's as simple as that.
Sorry if that caused confusion!
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Submitted on
February 9, 2015