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Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] It's march already! OMG!! So I figured I'd enlighten you guys why I'm not submitting much to anything at the time. F2U Ghost pixel

:X: The reason is NOT:
  • that I have left or abandoned DA or that I intend to.
  • that I'm not working on anything.

Ok Lime tick It is because:
Partially it is because priorities have changed a bit recently. I'm currently taking a course for project management that will last until June and where I have to study hard to pass all 6 (now 5 because I passed the first one - YEY!) exams. In search for answers The other thing is that we have to travel more often and rather spontaneously because my father-in-law doesn't have very long so we try to visit him whenever we can. He lives quite far away so we usually go there for at least 4 days. :travelling: Days in which I won't be able to study or draw or craft which means all of these activities are bulked together on the remaining days.
Then I'm currently crafting a lot: reworking dolls, modelling WITCH stuff out of fimo or sewing dresses for the dolls, wood work... whatever I feel like. That's because I felt like using my creativity in a different way for once and I wanted to use up the stuff I collected for such purposes over the past ten years. I haven't decided yet if I should share my work here on DA or not. I guess I will but this leads me to my final and primary reason for the lack of submits:

:lag: I'm going to submit only/mostly finished work now.

That means less sketches or WIPs and more stuff that is final and finished, and coloured.
I've decided on this because feedback on my stuff has gone rapidly down in general and that was the main reason why I uploaded WIPs. To get feedback. The only feedback I get on such things now is "I wonder what it will look like when finished". No comment on whether or not it's good or something should be improved. I appreciate that you guys comment at all, don't get me wrong but it seems like you are only interested in the final or rather coloured version (linearts are generally not well commented on) so... I will only upload those from now on.

This means there will be a longer wait for pictures and less submits in general.
5 seconds hug 
This is no offence to any of you, I really appreciate the support I get, every single comment, fave and watch!
But it is a fact that numbers have gone down rapidly of all three feedback systems and if no one is interested in line arts or sketches, I don't need to go through the trouble of submitting them.
That leaves the notification feeds for my watchers to a minimum and possibly focuses better on the few pics they're actually interested in and I can use the time for better purposes.

If several people ask me to show WIPs and line arts, I'll reconsider my submition rules.
Another option would be to give individuals access to a folder on my stash for example where they can find my WIPs.
Or I submit the WIPs on demand so if someone says he/she's interested in the WIP of picture XY.

What I'm working on at the moment:

(And the reasons why I don't take new commissions for the time being)

  snowflake bullet Frozen Hazard snowflake bullet

I am currently working on finishing the Frozen Hazard story and picture series which takes some time.
For those who noticed, there are two team members left: Kadma and Nerissa. Also one final piece is in planning so a total of 3 pictures and story parts are still up.

        Will-w.i.t.c.h.Irma-w.i.t.c.h.Taranee-w.i.t.c.h.Cornelia-w.i.t.c.h.Hay Lin-w.i.t.c.h.

peace sign with stars emoji W.i.t.c.h. Sovereigns peace sign with stars emoji

Also I am busy working on the W.i.t.c.h. Sovereign fancomic, getting the prologue and cover done to show you guys, planning the main story and possible characters, outfits and so on. This takes a lot of time because I'm striving for quality now. This also goes in the direction of the crafting or rather justifies it. I get some ideas from sewing new outfits for the girls, planning them. Also I'm practising a lot, drawing the girls' faces and features, expressions and so on which results in sketches, which I don't show here because I won't get any feedback for them. (you see where all of this is getting at)
:bestbuddies:  What I want to try out though is to include you guys in decision making when it comes to my WITCH Sovereign comic. 
That means I'll for example show you several characters (sketch with some info) for a certain role or purpose within the comic and you guys can vote which one you like the most. That's just one example.
Not sure if it will work, I guess we'll find out but I thought it might be a nice activity and I would like to do this comic not just for me but for you guys as well. So if you have opinions, share them!
This will start soon and there will be several opportunities for you to shape the comic with me. It's your decision to use it. First decision will be up once the Prologue is done and submitted to DA.


Lily: Reading Silhouette Chronicles 

I will start working on my Silhouette Chronicles comic again soon. First thing will be a rework of Chapter 1 Page 02 because it feels less unique and engaging as the other pages. I rushed through it rather quickly simply to get it done so I want to put some more work into it before continuing with the next page. Also I've planned a few things about the work and how it works.


Get Together
sky fabric border g 2 sky heart bow sky fabric border g 2 sky heart bow sky fabric border g 2

Feel free to state your opinion on the matter.
Also, if you have suggestions, how I can make my submitions more interesting to you guys, leave me a comment or note.

For those of you who are interested in WIPs:
I will post a select few on my Instagram
Instagram New Icon

F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Left)F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Middle)  Thanks for all the support and see you around!!! F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Middle) F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Right) 

Love Tards 

Hey everyone! Happy 2018!!! I hope you all had a magical start!
Sorry for the inactivity here recently. I've been away almost the entire December or working hard on commissions that haven't been officially given to their owners (they were presents) so I won't spoil the surprise and post them here just yet. I originally had planned to participate in a few nice contests but... well time just ran ahead of me I guess.

So, as for my plans for the start of 2018:
I won't open commissions for a little while. I want to focus on a few pictures I wanted to do myself and also want to continue working on Silhouette Chronicles and my WITCH Sovereign Comic.
I'll finish up the remaining commissions over the next weeks and then will work harder on my own projects for a while. I hope you understand. Those two comics are quite important to me and I lost track of them over the many commissions and other things going on in my life.

I can't say when I'll be opening commissions again. Maybe February, maybe sometime in summer. I don't know yet. That depends on my mood. I might take a commission once in a while to give myself something else to work on for a couple of days. Should you be interested in a commission feel free to leave a note under the commission thingy or contact me. I usually have a list of people that I notify first thing once I take commissions again. So if you want to be on such a list, drop by and say hi.

I'm kind of active on my instagram, posting random sketches or craftings I've done so you can always visit me there.
Otherwise I'll of cause stay here on DA and will try to upload something every now and then for you guys!
Thoughts From under a Cloak by YummingDoe4
Again, I hope you understand and see/hear you soon!
Hey there dudes and dudettes!
Been a while since I last contributed anything to a contest or participated in one and since I'm not sure if I'll find the time to actively participate, I've decided to at least offer prices.

You can win a lineart portrait commission and some points, along with other cool prices in this awesome contest here:
DEADLINE: December 31, 2017
THEME- :squee: MAGIC PERSON AUTUMN TIME PARTY!!  Your magic girl/boy OC or your favorite canon character or both(NOT NUTS) themed for the season. ALL THE SUGGESTIONS WERE SO GOOD I DIDN'T WANT TO HAVE ANY OF THEM LOSE OUT IN A VOTE. :D so utilize them all...LOL ;)
The suggestions just to have it here---->
- Magic Person Masquerade/Costume Party
- Autumn Themed Magic Person
- Magic Person CHEESY Horror Movie Mash UP A GO GO!
- Horror Magic Girl (suggested by :iconnanako87: )
- Fall Harvest-themed Magical Girls, possibly more akin to goddesses (suggested by :iconaijihi: )
- Canon or YOUR Magical Girl in the world of Magical Girl Apocalypse. (suggested by :iconjlj16:
- Autumn/Halloween Magical Person redesign (Uniform to match the Autumn/Horror realm)) (suggested by :iconyummingdoe4: )
- Traditional monsters turned into magical girls? (i.e. Werewolf, Vampire, Ghost, but as magical girls) (suggested by :iconfyorafish:

There's no deadline set yet, so everything's still open for submissions!
The main theme is "Magical Girl in Autumn" but of cause there are subthemes. For example: horror magical girl, fall/autumn magical girl or goddess, masquerade/costume party, and much more!

Go check it out and have fun, cause that's what it's all about ;)
I was just wondering if any of you would be interested in that sort of thing.
I could offer some Disney'esque poses and the highest bidder gets the commission and can get his/her character of choice drawn in that pose. The tone of the finished artwork will be adjusted to the character. So for example pose A with a lovely naive and cottan-candy-love attitude will be light hearted and soft, while a villain in pose A would get a dark and evil kind of look.

The same can of cause be done for WITCH-characters. Magic users, flying about, receiving the Heart of Kandrakar from the Oracle... all that sort of things could be possible YCH (Your character here)'s.

I think this could be pretty awesome. Maybe I'll just try it out and see what happens?
Been thinking about this kind of thing for a while.

Feel free to state your opinion on the matter!
Yes, no, maybe?

Cheerio fellas!
WritingComm Open by YummingDoe4

:bademoticon:  Hey there and welcome to my writing commissions!

My name’s Enny and I care for words, names, ideas and storytelling a lot and love to write or help others do so.
Through my work I’m used to editing texts that aren’t mine, giving feedback on them, or writing them according to predefined values.

If you're more into pictures, go check out my other commission sheet: Commissions [CLOSED] Disney-fy yourself!Aaaand.. closed. Since it's heading towards Christmas I got enough work for the time being.
I'll open commissions again as soon as I've finished some of the pictures on my list.
I have a little extra for you guys! Anyone can now order artwork in my "fancy shading" style! More details, more brilliance!
:fairylove: Want yourself, your daughter or best friend, or one of your characters as a Disney Princess or Prince?
Or maybe as a W.i.t.c.h. character with magic and all?
Or maybe just want me to draw your favourite TV-show character in my style?
Bring me your visions and dreams! :purplefairy:
Reason for commissions: I'm having some issues with my current job and need the greens to ensure my future.  I'll exchange it for lovely pictures! I am a dummy!
Due to my time schedule I can only take smaller commissions, but feel free to send me any kind of requests (after reading the rules) and

WC WiW by YummingDoe4

        Any genre (strongest in: fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, crime, action, drama, adventure, western)
      Chapters for novels(can be combined to a whole novel or long story)
        Short stories, legends
        Scripts for plays, movies, games or comics
        Accents, slang, special vocabulary (e.g. Victorian age)
        Texts in German and English
        Original Stories
        Fanfictions (depends on specifications and franchise)

WC WiDw by YummingDoe4

    x    NSFW Content: gore, sex, fetish, etc.
    x    Entire novels you put your name on
    x    Non-fictional texts
    x    Poems and song texts

WC OthServ by YummingDoe4

    *     Editing and structuring of documents and texts
    *     Idea generation – You need new ideas? I got’em!
    *     Feedback on texts, world building, characters and other storytelling content
    *     World Building
    *     Character creation

WC Samp by YummingDoe4
Here are some examples of what I write:…

WC Rule by YummingDoe4

         I keep the right to decline commissions for any reason
         For all commercially used texts, I demand credit for my work (I will haunt you, if you don’t!)
         All other texts  might require a credit depending on the kind and amount of work I invested in the commission
          (will inform about credit policy individually before accepting a commission)

         Texts longer than 500 words have to be sent via link to google docs or pdf via mail or sharing platforms.
         Commissions are accepted once I write you a note explicitly saying so, not before!
         Do not pay before I officially accepted your commission!
         The rules have to be read and agreed to by writing Walt Disney’s name in the commission form under question 12
          or personal note

         Payment is to be made via PayPal either in full after the commission has been accepted or in two halfs; 1 half
          after the commission has been accepted and 1 half after the work is finished.

         Rights remain with the author(s) of the content unless otherwise discussed with the client
         Creative content will be handled confidentially and not shown to third parties or used for purposes other than the
           ones defined within the commission form

WC Price by YummingDoe4

Story chapters
(1500 words+)            2$ per 100 words
Short stories (2000 words max.)
        1$ per 100 words

                                              5$ per page

Research                       3-7$ (depends on effort – costs extra)

World Creation
           10-30$ (depends on effort)
Character Creation
        5-10$ per character (depends on effort)

                         4$ per page

                        4-15$ per page(depends on effort)

                          1-10$ (depends on effort)

For questions of any kind, simply leave me a comment or contact me via DA message or my E-Mail:
:Bummies: If you’re interested in commissioning me, (yey! ) please fill out this form:…

Afterwards I will get back to you ASAP to discuss further details and questions, as well as the final pricing.
If I accept the commission, I will start working as soon as I’ve received either full payment or the first half.
Please keep in mind that I am working full time and hence can’t always anticipate the exact time your commission will take.
Feel free to ask me for a status report on your commission anytime! 

Let's do something awesome today!

Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ 

Aaaand.. closed. Since it's heading towards Christmas I got enough work for the time being.
I'll open commissions again as soon as I've finished some of the pictures on my list.

I have a little extra for you guys! Anyone can now order artwork in my "fancy shading" style! More details, more brilliance!

:fairylove: Want yourself, your daughter or best friend, or one of your characters as a Disney Princess or Prince?
Or maybe as a W.i.t.c.h. character with magic and all?
Or maybe just want me to draw your favourite TV-show character in my style?
Bring me your visions and dreams! :purplefairy:

Reason for commissions: I'm having some issues with my current job and need the greens to ensure my future.  I'll exchange it for lovely pictures! I am a dummy!

Due to my time schedule I can only take smaller commissions, but feel free to send me any kind of requests (after reading the rules) and I'll see what I can do!

!!! New Commission TYPE - Fancy Shading !!!

Check out my new fancy shading style!
But what's the difference between simple and fancy shading? Let me show you:
ShadingVars23 by YummingDoe4
Left: Simple Shading    Right: Fancy Shading

I might decline too challenging clothe designs (e.g.: final fantasy outfits), big group pictures (5+), detailed backgrounds, etc. due to lack of time.
Prices always depend on complexity. If you have a picture with one character that uses magic and stands in an old castle you'd have the character size and colouring type + magic + complex background.
COM Info Disney NEW by YummingDoe4

   * .:Happy star:. little star * .:Happy star:. little star * .:Happy star:. little star


--------------- :bluebutterfly: ° RULES ° :bluebutterfly: ---------------

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Please have specifics ready concerning the character I'm supposed to draw
(reference pictures + character traits/behaviour, outfit, idea for a pose)

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! No mature themes like drugs, explicit violence, fetish, etc. and no robots or anthros.

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! No discount on additional characters! They're just as much work as the first one(s).

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Intentions to use the commission commercially or to multiply it (e.g. use on mugs, shirts, make several prints, etc.)
have to be announced before I accepted the work! This doesn't necessarily cost you more, it's just a matter of
respecting my work and clarifying rights.

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Don't pay me until I tell you to. Once your commission has been officially accepted
we'll discuss payment methods and time.

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! I remain the right to turn a commission down if it doesn't agree with the rules,
my personal taste or artistic skill, time schedule or other reason.

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! If you don't want me to post the artwork on DA, please say so before I accept your commission.
If you don't, I'm free to post the picture on DA and my other art accounts.

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Prices above are NOT final. They might change according to complexity of your specific commission.
I will give you a final price before officially accepting your commission.

For more info read my commission FAQ:

Commission FAQContact about commission:
If you decide to commission me, please take a look at the rules and information here. For commission examples check out the Quickinfo sheet.
Contact me via deviant note or my personal email address with the subject “commission”!
If you have questions about prices, the commission process, whether I would take your commission and that kind of stuff DON’T use “question”, “prices” or whatever as subject. NOT “commission”!
If you intend to use the picture for commercial purpose (selling etc.) please note me BEFORE I agreed on the commission. Also read the “Usage” part carefully for detailed explanation under what circumstances you’re allowed to sell the commission I made for you or use it for other commercial intent.
To ensure that we agree on the same terms, please mention ‘sky’ in your note to me.
Info I find useful for a commission:
These are the basic info I need.

Send everything required in a personal note!

For questions of any kind feel free to leave a comment below or send me a note.

I love the earth + Earth Hour  Thanks! *

Ähnliches Foto

Princess La

Hey dudes and dudettes!

Spin No Balls

I'm off to Disneyland! 

Spontanious trip to Disneyland Paris for Research purposes.
Not much else to say about that really. :cool: - Revamp
I'll be back late Monday next week.

Stay cool and see ya laterz!dael with et (Icon)

  Patreon Icon Yes! I'm finally joining the ranks of PATREON-artists! Patreon Icon

Enter the world of SC!


Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] I'll still be posting all my WITCH and Disney artwork here on DA, so no worries! Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1]

The patreon is for my Comic project "Silhouette Chronicles".
But supporting me, also means me- as an artist - not just this comic.

I already posted some artwork here on DA:

Silhouette Chronicles Issue 01 - Cover by YummingDoe4 SC Prologue 01 - Once upon a Time by YummingDoe4

I appreciate any kind of suppport!

(May that be through USD, passing the word, commenting on my patreon page or cheering me on!)

Hope to see you there!

Swingin' On a Star _revamp_

Star! I'm contributing some prizes in a Disney contest! Star!

If you draw one of the 14 Disney princesses you can win not just an art request from me but also DA points or art requests from other great artists!

Bullet; Blue Deadline's the March 31st, Midnight!

Contest 55 - Fan Fave Princess ChallengeTime to announce the winners!
Most of these came down to extra points, so those of you who won should give yourselves an extra pat on the back for
going the extra mile to include the extra challenges outlined in the contest rules. Excellent work!
:star: Snow White :star:

:star: Cinderella :star:

:star: Aurora :star:

:star: Ariel :star:

:star: Belle :star:

[Star!] Jasmine [Star!]

[Star!] Pocahontas [Star!]

I was thinking about doing a WITCH card game for myself and would love your opinion.
I love to come up with new stuff and I'm a big fan of those Storycubes that some of you may or may not know.
And I totally adored the old card sets of WITCH that you could use for divination and stuff.


This is a first version of the original back of the Transfiguration Cards.
I tried to get as close to the original from the comics as possible.
I also started studying other symbols reappearing in the comics over time and did make some interesting discoveries :D

So I'm currently thinking about creating a storytelling card game for myself of WITCH.
The idea for the game is something like this:

There are three types of cards:
World cards, guardian/character cards and action cards.

Before each round one of the world cards is being drawn and determines the setting of the following adventure.
World cards will be for example: Kandrakar, Earth, Arkhanta, Basiliade, Meridian, etc.

Then every player picks a guardian card at random.
The guardian cards will symbolize the 6 aurameres for water, fire, earth, air, energy and spirit (Orube)
I was thinking about adding light and dark but for now stuck to these 6.
If you pick the fire card for example you can play Taranee or a made-up character who has the power of fire.
Theoretically you could also just play a human character who had some traumatic experience with fire or has firy-red hair.
The only limit is your imagination!

Now the players are set and the game can begin!
Let's say player A starts the first round. Player A picks up 5 action cards and has to at least use 3 of them to start the adventure. After player A is finished, he/she draws new action cards until there are 5 on hi/her hand again. Then it's player B's turn. Player B also uses up 3-5 of his/her action cards to continue the story AND at some point has to introduce his/her own character into the story. This whole process continues until one of the players finishes the story, you decide to halt or stop the story at a point or you draw the "Sudden Death" card.
Once every player has had a turn, player A starts the next round by drawing action cards until he/she's got 5 on the hand again and continues the story.
Should you draw "useless" cards you can exchange 3 of your cards on the hand for one new of the stack before you start your story.

The action cards can be of two kinds:
Danger cards: Imprisoned (you or someone else is imprisoned); Broken Spell (Your magic is broken and can't cast any "spells"); Eyes in the dark (something lurks in the shadows, watching, attacking?); Nature's caprices (sudden weather change - storm/rain/snow/heat/etc.); Sudden Light! (You're blinded by a sudden light); Curse of the Divine (your next moves against your enemy will be forseen), etc.
Luck cards: Gift of a nymph (you get a new power!); spiritual guide (you get assistance from your spiritual guide in animal form); Unison (you're super united with... your teammates/your inner self/ your element/etc.); Good Equipment (you're prepared for everything!); Mighty maps (Thanks to good maps you know exactly where you're going!), etc.

The above are just examples of what I was thinking about. There might be smaller things like quick sand or someone knocking over a table or spilling drinks or losing an object or finding a rope or whatever. So there would be quite some action cards. Some more powerful and others rather "lame" and not so very powerful. Though it always depends on what you use it for. So it's up to your creativity.

Sudden Death
Just a fun idea I had: If this card is being drawn by any of the players it will be placed in the middle for everyone to see and the players have to finish the story or at least their character's part in it within the round. So if there are three players (A, B and C) and C picks the card he has to finish the story or at least somehow drop his character out of it. Maybe through death, maybe through a "I don't want to be part of this". Maybe through obduction or sudden disappearance, an accident making it impossible to continue in the adventure; having to return home to another planet, etc.

Okay! So much for my idea.
I just wanted to ask you guys what you think of that and if you have some ideas to share what kinds of actions or twists, characters or worlds etc YOU would put in there.
So I decided to take up commissions again, however only smaller ones and only 2 at a time.
If you're interested simply check out the new commission info, prices and rules right here:
Commissions [CLOSED] Disney-fy yourself! by YummingDoe4

Every little thing helps currently so THANKS A LOT in advance for any dollar or DA points you can spare!
Yui Hirasawa (High School Life) [V1] 

For each round it's first come first serve so be quick about it!
Should you not be selected, there's a chance to WIN a FREE COMMISSION from me through this contest:
<da:thumb id="602548837"/>

It runs until the the 24th of December so still some time left for your entries!
For any questions, comment below or send me a message.

See ya around!
[ Icon #4 ] Yui Hirasawa 
  • Listening to: The Dragon Age Soundtrack
  • Reading: Dragon Age Asunder
  • Watching: Dra... Supernatural
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Eating: Dalish Forest Comfort from... Dragon Age!
  • Drinking: Tea as usual
So today's my last day at work and it's really strange. Shrug 

People come by and say their farewells and you know that most of them you'll never see again.
Or maybe just pass while walking down the street.
And while I do have a job offer I'm not sure yet if I will take it and if so then it'll be a tight year for me since they don't pay that much. But it would be a great opportunity to get into a new field and use my studies again.
It's a tough decision....:confused:  and I'm already sick of it. Fliptableplz 

But that's life. Good thing is, I'll have some time off until November. The first days I'll have to clean up my appartment.
I just travelled too much as of late and I turn into a messy throwing stuff everywhere. But after that I can draw and write and play and just relax for once. Do whatever I feel like doing.
After all the stress I had these past years it's high time for that!

Anyways, I'll keep you guys posted as always and... wish me luck! :bademoticon:
It's been ages since I last checked on my watcher count. I didn't think it mattered much but I got quite a few recently and so I got curious after all.

And OMG!!! Over 200!!! Seriously this is such an honor and I love you all so very much for supporting me and my work!
I just wish I could give something back!!!
Made this somewhat fast (and a little crappy - SORRY!) picture to thank you all.
Wanted to go with me bursting with tears all over the picture, clinging to her drawings but then figured it might be too dramatic.
But that's how I feel... right now... Mio (Crying) [V2]

You guys are AWESOME and I love you all!! *Giant hug around the world* Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug

Anyways! Since I really want to thank you and I have a little bit time to spare I'd like to offer you something in return!
Not sure if it's worth anything though.
So! the idea is that I'll offer 2 YCH (your character here) commissions.
That means I'll sketch out two poses and whoever comments first and second below the official YCH picture "Butterflies and Cake all day!" gets the commission. I'd make one picture with both poses on so you can check out both and decide which one you'd rather like.
I know two pictures isn't much but it's all I can offer right now.

Some rules:

Since I don't have so terribly much time after all due to commissions and work, I will only accept female characters and only WITCH OCs.
If you don't have a WITCH OC but don't mind seing one of your normal female characters as a transformed guardian in my drawing style, you can still get the commission.
I just need a rough description of how she looks like and some details about personality are always nice.
If you want, you can use dressup games to define uniforms I should use for the commission or you tell me aproximately what you want and I'll go and design something I feel fits to your character.
Lots of rules, I know!!!
Also both pictures will aproximately go to the waist. Maybe a little below that. Mostly because I hate drawing shoes...

The coloring would be rather roughly done and look something like my thank you picture above and the latest commission I finished:
Fire Guardian by YummingDoe4


Tell me what you guys think!
Would this be a nice gift?
Or maybe there's something else you'd like more?
Or maybe you just want me to get the hell on with commissions!!!

Either way- Again- I'm so so grateful to all of you!

Ennybunneh icon3 

I've been wondering about what a sequel of the comics would be like for some years now and I'm sure there are quite a few of you who did, too.

What adventures would await? Would they have a new transformation? Would there be a second generation or still focus on WITCH? What kind of enemies might be there? Would the girls be older than in the original?

I think there is already a journal about the cartoon (yes you can share those ideas here as well!) So I figured I'd make one about the comic.

I already shared some of my ideas here on DA. A possible second generation, a grown-up life for the WITCH girls...

Right now I ask myself things like:
What about time travel? Or the many other worlds? What are they like? What if the team gets a new member? What if it's a girl? Or what if it's a boy?? Would they get along? What powers would he/she have? What if Kandrakar had a change of reign? Would it change the fortress much? Would it eventually abuse its powers and needed to be shut down or forced down by WITCH who are now Sovereigns? That surely would be interesting.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Hey guys so as some of you might already know: I really like Rping.

I started a W.i.t.c.h. Rp forum a while back (I'll leave the link below) but I know that some of you prefer rping on DA.
So since I really enjoy rping, getting involved with the world of Witch, I was wondering if maybe one of you'd like to have some W.i.t.c.h.y fun.
Doesn't matter if it's here on DA or on the forum or whereever else.
It's not about perfect spelling or correctness either.

Just having a great time.

If you're interested just leave me a comment or write a note and we can figure out the details.

You know, what kind of story you'd like to play or if you have a specific character you'd like to play,
how we want to handle the whole rp-thing generally... etc.
If you've never rped but would love to test it out once, that's perfectly fine with me, too.

Let's just get together and use the great universe Disney has created for us!

  W.i.t.c.h. RP  Forum by YummingDoe4
Here's the forum link, in case you'd like to check it out:…

We invested quite some time into the forum.
There's a whole list of beasts, objects and locations from Heatherfield and Kandrakar that can be of use not only for rping but might be practical to check out for any kind of fan as well. Everything with nice pictures of cause ;)
Feel free to stop by, maybe exchange your knowledge and opinions, talk about stuff (it's not just an rp forum!) or just enjoy the cool graphics and stuff we prepared for you!

Sorry but I need to get rid of my frustration here:
Exo : Lay is done with this
Not sure if this is connected to some changes on DA or not but I've been having some serious issues getting attention for my works within the past year.
Done the whole "add to groups" and "tag the right tags" thing but views creep upward in super slow motion, I get really few comments if at all and favorites are not that spectacular either.

I started with DA to get feedback and to show my works. To share.
One of the reasons for me to keep drawing WITCH is because the community used to like my works, because they enjoyed it. You even asked for it!
I drew for the WITCH community. To, you know... give something back. Of cause I enjoyed it, too, I won't deny that.
But drawing something nice for you guys, for the WITCH fans or also Disney fans in general was always one of my major motivators.
Now I'm wondering if maybe my time slowly comes to an end, that there are other artists that work better for you at the moment or if I should switch to a different platform maybe.

I care for statistics. They tell me if I reach people, when I reach them best, if they like my stuff or not, that kind of thing.
And my current statistics tell me: I'm doing something very wrong. EXO : Kai Slap

While I got some thousand views on my best works back in the day, it feels like I need to fight for every friggin' 10 views by submitting to all kinds of groups which are super overloaded anyway.

I know I'm not the quickest when it comes to uploading stuff but... that never stopped people from checking in at least once in a while. Not during my Glory Days. Yes I call it that. Good old Glory Days. When people still used to care for my art. And I feel old now... [EXO] Sad Luhan Emoticon 

So what is it? Is it the art itself? Is it not interesting enough? Are other artists simply better? Do I not deliver quickly enough? Or is there something wrong with DA?
Maybe there's no longer such a big interest in WITCH on DA? Maybe people switched to another platform?

I don't know. I might never really know.
So I guess I just gotta make up my mind if I want to keep doing this or not. 

Thanks so much to my watchers and the frequent and active supporters, my commissioners!
I really appreciate it!

And no matter what my decision will be, I will definately finish commissions. So no worries there.
If one fo you commissioners have questions or want a status update, feel free to ask. I don't bite.

'kay that's it for now. Thanks a lot and see you around.
 Mochizou Frustrated Icon 
Hey guys! Me again!

Today I'll get my new computer!!! YEY!
I'm so excited! No clue how it looks like but there's tons of space for my many projects, files and programs and I'll be finally able to continue with commissions starting tomorrow!

But that's not all. I started a WITCH RP forum.
  W.i.t.c.h. RP  Forum by YummingDoe4
You can check it out riiiight here!:…

See you around and OMG I can draw again!!!
Soooo I'm getting my computer next week!
At least that's the new status. I brought my software and old computer to the IT service today so they should be done next week. BAM! New computer! YUS!!!

Aaand I'll do a quick color version of my sketchy 15th Anniversary WITCH picture later today (during lunch break at work uhum!) so I can still enter the contest.
Which brings me to the topic of work: I'll have to start looking for something new sadly. Not that sadly... since I was already thinking about it but it's official since tuesday.
But that's okay I already got some ideas where to go and look and I still have until September to make a final decision so (at least at the moment) it's not that big of a deal.

Okay! Update over!

Have a lovely day guys!
So, after a few weeks of not posting, you might be thinking that I either suffered from a burn out working on commissions from sunrise to sunset, that I'm a terrible person and a liar or that my computer is still messed up.

For those of you who voted for the last one: Congratulations!

Sadly my computer shut down for good shortly after my last journal entry. After that I tried all kinds of other computers in my posession and tips and tricks but nothing worked!
I ordered a new computer about two weeks ago in hope I'd be able to get some commissions done over the holidays but sadly it's still uncertain when I'll be getting the new computer...

In the meantime I've started working on a few ideas and concepts and done some sketches traditionally.
The past two weeks I've also been sick so... I don't have much luck at the moment.

It's a conspiracy!

I'll keep you updated and hopefully my new computer will arrive soon.
I got one last idea how to fix my old one so wish me luck!!!
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OMG OMG! Today I finally figured out what was the problem with my tablet and computer!
Turns out the tablet driver was broken and hence caused all kinds of problems whenever I plugged my tablet into the computer! Today I deleted it and installed a new one, updated a few things and TADA! It's working!

I was so grateful to the world and fate and everything that I spend about 10 minutes of wiggling and dancing and making funny faces since I couldn't believe my problems would be over!! Daily Deviation

I started working up all the commissions that have been delayed due to these problems so keep an eye out for 'em!
Do understand though that I rarely have time for drawing during the week so it may still take a few days, maybe weeks until I get every single one done.
I apologize (again) for the trouble and hope I'll be able to catch up with things quickly!

Today I finished one commission and sketched out another already. Tomorrow I'll continue some work on a few ones I already started outlining but then had to stop due to technical issues.

GEEZ! I'm so relieved! I felt like drawing the entire week so badly I was close to gnawing at the table in my office and I tried and tried to fix the issues with my computer and the tablet and photoshop and nothing worked and today... ZING! Commission - Clefairykid emote   the effort payed off!!!

'kay kay see ya later guys I gotta hurry back to my perfectly amazing working tablet and computer'hun'! I can has tablet? +plz 
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