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Vampire Lucinda by YummingDoe4 Vampire Lucinda by YummingDoe4
Introduction of Lucinda the Vampire from my story "Chasers" which I will probably upload soon. Only thing is: It will be in german, sorry all non-german volks. I was too lazy to translate it yet. I only got the Skript for the series in english...

However this is one of the bad characters in the story. It would be too complicated to explain it now.

Here are two earlier versions of this picture:

Just some facts about her (except those you see here):
She belongs to an organisation named DQ where she is raked High 2. The High 5 are the highest Chasers (~ attendants for the dark Queen). You could say they are some kind of hit men.

Each one of the High 5 has one specialty or flaw about them (else they would be too perfect, but to make it more interesting, their other facilities are therefore even greater).
Lucinda's flaw is that she feels no pain. She is extremely flexible and one of the cruelest of the High 5. you better not cross her way at night.

One more thing about Chasers in generall: Chasers are like soulslaves who owe the queen something or became some kind of deamons or zombies if you want to call it that way. They don't controll their own movements anymore. They are more like puppets which go chasing other beings, mostly shadows (special being, explanation follows with the picture of High 1), werewolfs, vampires or others (not including humans)
Only the High 5 entered the organisation on free will, that's what makes them even more dangerouse.
Very complicated I know. Maybe I can translate the story bit by bit so all of you can read it anyways....
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June 23, 2010
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