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Iya by YummingDoe4 Iya by YummingDoe4
This is one of my newer OC's Iya in her battle dress uniform.
She comes from outer space. On her planet, a terrible dissease occured, so they send out teams of two to all kinds of planets to find an antidote. But the wife of Iyas brother (the two were supposed to move out together) fell ill so he wouldn't want to leave her. In the end, Iya sneaked into his spaceship at night and took over his mission.

On her way to the destination, she got caught in a fight with another spaceship. The ship got damaged and it fell onto the earth.

On earth, a Schoolboy (classy) finds the alien and brings her to the hospital. But of cause they seem very interested in her, because of the many different functions of her body, including those ears! He overhears two doctors tallking about doing tests on her, as soon as nobody claims to know her within three days.
So the alien girl ends up at Henrys, and his grandfather James Isaac Hestons house where she tries to learn as much as possible about earth to find out about any possible antidote.

Name: Chidschuaa (Iya)
Age: about 16 earth years
Height: 1,61 meters
Species: Faiaawe-Kjuu Zaemjii (Faiaawe = planet; kjuu = continent; zaemjii = country/ raign)
Eye colour: changing
Hair colour: light brown-red (later: ice blue)

Features: violet tattoo on neck, dark blue tattoo on left foot, pink tattoo on right hand;
hairs turn ice blue within her 16th earth year - Safire blue within her 28th and night blue/black within her 56th;
pointy ears - to the sides

Special abilities: can read everything through tiny movements of humans; fast reactions, fast learner, self healing, above average good sight

Special equipment: some sort of glider or surfboard for the air; a sort of minicomputer (which she canít use); special ribbon super elastic, deformable, super strong; mini balls with blades being used like ninja stars, or special liquids for defence and heal (different colour)

Living with: Henry and James Isaac Heston

If there's anything you want to know more, please feel free to ask. I'm not sure on how much I'm going to post here on DA about that story.
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October 18, 2010
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