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Twilight Sparkle EPIC

I've had a similar concept in the back of my mind for quite a while. At first, I didn't know which princess should I draw, cause I'm too lazy to draw all of them.. buut my greatest cousins decided that princess luna and princess twilight are the coolest according to them xdd So Twilight it is! 
Glad I did so. Whatcha think?

Character: Princess Twilight Sparkle - original character by Hasbro
Time taken: more than 10 hours
Tools: Wacom Intuos, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CC 2017
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All it took was the force of her pure, unfaltering willpower and her unfathomably powerful magic, and it was done. She had opened the rift between worlds, with the powers of the cosmos swirling all 'round her. To any onlookers, it was merely a bright flash and she was gone, but to her it was the ultimate power. And she must have it for herself.

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Epic is not good enough to describe this image
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Yo! This is frickin' awesome!
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Dayum. I really like how you did the wings. The lightning ain't bad, either.
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Really fantastic!! wonderful job! :D 
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You're welcome nwn
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wonderful drawing!, it's cool:) 
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thank you so much =^^=
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Heh, you're welcome:)
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This is incredible !!, amazing art !Love Love 
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The Wielder of Magic...
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Looks awesome
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A very fitting title. Epic to say the least XD I'm a bit baffled to have not come across your art earlier. It's outright stupendous work!
I'm amazed by the rendering, lighting and contrast in this piece. Nothing short of epic and so much more than that ;P Keep it up!
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oohhh such nice words... I really appreciate it! means so much ^^
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