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Realism Tutorial

By yumix
This step by step and carefully explained tutorial covers basic eye/face coloring, detailed hair and fur, etc. (mostly basics on how to do realistic drawings)

! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO DRAW THE HUMAN ANATOMY OR REALISTIC FORMS, but instead is a tutorial for how to cg or color realistically.

Since many people keep asking me if this works on photoshop versions such as 7.0, CS, CS2 or CS3, the answer is yes. If this works in ps elements then it should obviously work on higher versions.

Wow! I see my tutorial being linked on all kinds of sites other than da. Thanks guys for the over 5,000 favs and over 100,000 views :)

Tools: Wacom Graphire 2 4x5 tablet, photoshop elements 3.0.


If you do decide to use this tutorial for any of your drawings, crediting is highly appreciated. Also please do link me to it so that I can see! Have fun and enjoy.

finished piece for the hair part is here: [link]
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lol i was drawing Dan and my pooping pen felt that the earings was so iconic it pooped on his ear
eener9lilly's avatar
gah i wish i wasn't so stuck to my style
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what do a 'multiply' layer do? i don't understand the different types of layer... :/
eener9lilly's avatar
it does some effect play around with them
wwwPaiThancom's avatar
Thank you! Multiply on the layer, what does it? And what does the dodge and burn tools do exactely?
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look at the bracelet it does an effect
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This is beautiful tbh thank you
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incredible :D thanks
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Incredible. Thank you for helping!
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Wow.... O_O ehem.. I wonder if I can ever follow this tutorial. Too expert! But thanks for sharing !
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*looks at my art*

*throws computer off a cliff and jumps off with it*
Beautiful work!!
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Great tutorial!
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Thank you for your wonderful tutorial and you describe it step by step very well. Did you try with professional photo retoucher ? Try here -…
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You don't know how much this helped me!
Thank you for having done this! :happy: 
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This tutorial really helped me out, awsome job :)
Cosmicmoonshine's avatar
Thanks for this tutorial I used it in this artwork.…
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wait what brush do you use for the skin? this is awesome btw
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Spent an hour looking at tutorials and by far this is one of, if not THE best, thank you for making this piece of awesomeness!! It helps so much! 
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oh my god!!! so perfect >.< thank you
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