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She was beautiful. I knew not of her name but knew of her spirit. It was free and she was careless of all the ruin and chaos spreading throughout the world. It was as if she was in her own little world at that very moment, dancing to herself in the cold rain that pitter-pattered on the stoned cemented streets of the, almost empty city. Red umbrella in her hand and a bright smile plastered on her face.
At that moment I had seen her, that sun setting moment can never be forgotten and will be forever burned into my mind. My heart wont let me forget her, It wont let me forget that little one minute infinity of which we had.

We were the only two out in the streets and the rays, of what was left of the sun, slipped through the dark clouds in the sky and lit her up like the angel she was. I will never forget her expression the first moment we crossed paths, the first moment she saw me. She had bright colored eyes that felt like daggers as she stared into my very being. Her dark colored hair danced wildly around her pink tinted cheek and pale toned face. Her soft, pink colored lips were slightly parted as she panted, basically out of breath as she stayed still in fear and embarrassment of what I had just witnessed.

I don't know what she feared, for I had not the power to hurt this beautiful creature. I had no knowledge of why she felt embarrassed, her dances and free spirit lifted mine so easily. It was a beautiful sight to be seen. I suppose she wouldn't know that though. I barely moved an in, with an offer to comfort her and put her at ease but at that very second, she turned with all the quickness she could muster up and darted around the corner and out of site.

I have had the pleasure of knowing you for a mere moment but that moment will be with me the rest of my life. You have given me a gift, a gift to witness beauty in a whole new form of which I never could have imagined. And for that, I am grateful to you
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I have experienced was beautiful!