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Tsubaki ponytail tutorial

By YumiPi
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I finally finished this XD
took me long enough... XD

I hope it is useful ^____^
(download for better viewing^^)

photo of me in my Tsubaki cosplay by : :iconnikita666:

all other photos and the whole tutorial by me^^


EDIT: I bought that wig on ebay, but I can't remember the shop...sorry ( was tooooo long ago XD)
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I'll try out this method for a Valeera Sanguinar cosplay. Thanks for sharing this! :)
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Can i do this for two pony tails? I have an Azunyan wig from K-On and the "ponytails were actually extensions, so i would love to know how to do this with that wig.. Please reply a sap! Thank you so much!~ :iconlainloveplz:
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to be honest...I never tried it with two ponytails^^
you could try it, but it could turn out a little bit heavy...maybe you should look for another tutorial^^
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okay, thank you. c:
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Thanks for the help!!:) (Smile)  Where did you get the wig?
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This is really amazing! Thank you so much for posting this, I wasn't really too sure how to go about her hair when I decided to cosplay as Tsubaki! Also, if you still have the link (it's okay if you don't!) to where you got the base, would you mind posting it here? I've been looking for bases but bangs don't seem quite long enough for Tsubaki's side bangs.
Thank you!!!!
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I realize you posted this more than a year ago, but if you're still looking for a Tsubaki base wig, I just got one from LightInTheBox that I'm going to use this tutorial on.  Here's the link:…
Hope this is useful!
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omg brilliant. thank you for posting!
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Thanks, very useful
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I tried this several times but when I finish, the wig has a cone head look going on with it. Suggestions on how to fix it or do it better????? ;_;
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This is a great tutorial for the ponytail but is there some way to use this for a person's real hair?
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I'm not sure...
maybe this may help: [link]
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Thanks, I really needed to figure out how to put that little straight part in the hair.
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this is AWESOME! esp for those really really high ponys that only require a small amount of hair!!
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Thanks! Now i can show this to my friend who wants to cosplay tsubaki ^^
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OMIGOSH! THANK YOU! This will help me for Anime Expo this year!
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awesome!! thank you for sharing!
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You are a lifesaver!
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Thankyou so much for the tutorial ^^ this is very helpful! The finished product looks great.
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woah thanks! i didnt know how to make this fricking ponytail <3
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this is great. This'll help me with my eventual Korra cosplay
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