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[Dr. Stone character sheet - Sumire Kuzuri]

//All stuff here is drawn by me, including bg and all characters. Pretty please don't use or trace/draw over my art in any way, shape or form. Thank you!//

[2020 October]

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Here is my dork Kuzuri Sumire ; 7 ; 
She was de-petrified by Senku and his group's after the fight with Tsukasa. She's a childhood friend of Nanami Ryusui and Francois and is really close to the two of them. 
She was one of the top surgeon students and was in her last year at school when they were turned into stone. Ryusui recommended to get her on the ship since she was traveling with him a lot in the old times, she's kind of an experienced sailor, not to mention how great her medical skills are.
She appears to be kind of serious but that's just her being professional most of the time. When someone gets to know her, they will soon see that she's a really sweet person and looks after her friends with great affection and is extremely loyal.

More to come about her later on~
I just didn't really have time to sit down and finish her sheet, damn me -rolls-

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She's very cute, I love her design very much, nice job!

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awww:love: She's sooo lovely!!!

I adore her design and hairstyle is sooo sweet!!

Beautiful girl:3

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I'm glad you like her, thank youuu! :love:

I hope I can draw her more~

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I hope so too ;)