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Head Shot: 100
Buff Shot: 200
Half Body: 400
Full Body: 800

Background: +20 Points
+one person= +70

If you don’t commission for Head Shot, any extra points you need to spend can go in the donation widget :D Thanks so much for Commissioning me!  Oh, almost forgot, Chibi is half price (which means if it costs less than 100 points, it goes in the donation widget! Also I have no idea how to use the commission widget so if you have advice plz halpp!!!)

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Maybe You didnt Light it...
Happy Grandparents day! I just realized that more than half of my deviations are for either holidays or Vocaloid release dates...

Ill try and do some other stuff too, don’t worry! This is Yumiko when she was five. Poor Grandma is confuzzled becuase of her sweet little girl nooo! Haha, also! If the candle holder seems familiar it’s because it’s the same one as the one in….
Yay I have twenty watchers! (which means this will be read by no one)

So, I thought that I should do the Mary Sue Test Meme. I don't know who originally created it, but I first heard of it from the deviant Lily-Draws (helpIhavenoideahowtotagorlinkppl). The problem with it was it had missing numbers, so it had 75 questions, when in reallity it had only 65. So Ima fix it! Here's my OC Yumiko! I might--no definetly--do this in the future with another of my OCs ;)

[ ] 1. They are possessed by an angel.
[ ] 2. They are possesed by a demon.
[ ] 3. They are a werewolf/vampire/faerie.
[ ] 4. They are physically strong.
[x] 5. Their hair/fur/skin is a strange colour.
[ ] 6. They have an unusual eye colour. (no, just blue...)
[ ] 7. This colour happens to be red.
[ ] 8. They’re eyes change colour.
[ ] 9. They have wings. (she wishes..)
[ ] 10. They can grow extra bodyparts/shapeshift.
[ ] 11. They are immortal.
[ ] 12. They have large boobs. (yes I do! no you don’t...)
[ ] 13. They are very muscular.
[ ] 14. They are very attractive to the opposite gender.
[x] 15. They are pyrokinetic. Yasssss! 
[ ] 16. They have a sixth sense/can mind read.
[ ] 17. They have an object that gives them powers.
[ ] 18. They have a special ability/power but they don’t know about it yet.
[x] 19. They were bestowed/cursed with these powers.
[ ] 20. They are a healer.
[ ] 21. They are from a very rich/royal family.
[ ] 22. They are from a very rich/royal family, but they don’t know about it yet.
[ ] 23. They have lost one/both of they’re parents.
[x] 24. They ran away from home.
[ ] 25. They’re parents are cruel/abusive/uncaring.
[ ] 26. They witnessed one/both of they’re parents’ death.
[x] 27. They are part angel/demon/faerie/etc.
[ ] 28. They were abused/spoiled as a child.
[ ] 29. They are very attractive to the same gender.
[ ] 30. They have lots of friends/no friends.
[ ] 31. They are emo.
[ ] 32. They look much younger/older than they are. (I look 19 cus I am 19)
[ ] 33. They have lots of morals and declare them a fair bit.
[ ] 34. They have a  metal disorder.
[ ] 35. They have an emotional disorder.
[ ] 36. They struggle to stay sane.
[ ] 37. They are psycho.
[ ] 38. They have multiple personalities.
[ ] 39. They are very intelligent. (Cs and Bs, nothing special)
[ ] 40. They have hallucinations.
[ ] 41. They can summon demons/spirits/angels.
[ ] 42. They have a rare/unusual pet.
[ ] 43. They have a guardian spirit.
[ ] 44. They have a special type of soul.
[ ] 45. Their soul is not the same as them.
[ ] 46. They can talk to spirits/ghosts.
[ ] 47. Some part of their body glows.
[ ] 48. They have a rare/unusual name.
[x] 49. They were born on an important date. (not super important, but June 1st is National Olive Day)
[ ] 50. They have a twin/sibling that they were separated from at birth/an early age.
[x] 51. They are connected with a certain element. (fire)
[x] 52. They are connected with a certain animal. (Phoenix)
[ ] 53. They always dress like a certain “label”.
[ ] 54. They look like a character from a popular anime/manga.
[ ] 55. They are very mysterious/dark.
[ ] 56. They are very lively/happy.
[ ] 57. Their mood changes a lot/very quickly.
[ ] 58. They are very patient. (nooooo not even close!)
[ ] 59. They are from a long line of assasins.
[x] 60. They have a piece of clothing that they always wear. (Olive Shirt and Black skirt)
[ ] 61. They have amnesia.
[ ] 62. They have a harmful curse upon them.
[ ] 63. They are involved in some sort of prophecy.
[ ] 64. They are the “chosen one”.
[x] 65. They have insomnia.

Total Points:10

Take Points Off Overall Score

[ ] 1. They smoke.
[ ] 2. They are an alcoholic.
[ ] 3. They are overweight.
[ ] 4. They are addicted to drugs.
[x] 5. They have a short temper.
[ ] 6. They enjoy bullying others.
[ ] 7. They don’t care about others.
[ ] 8. They are relatively emotionless.
[ ] 9. They have some sort of permanent medical condition.

Total Points: 9

Your point score:

5: Anti-Sue. Your character may be a bit on the boring side. Of course, this does depend, but generally if they score that low, it wouldn't hurt to 'spice them up' a bit.

6-15: Balanced Character. If your OC scored around here, then they are probably quite a well-balanced and interesting character. Those scoring in the higher end of this category may be a bit too much though.

16-25: Borderline Mary-Sue. We have a problem. You need to tone your character down. They are most likely a bit annoying to others, too.

26: Mary-Sue. Please revise your character... NOW.
  • Listening to: My Dog Tearing Apart a Toy
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
Its Ranas Release Date
If I had remembered, I might’ve added all of her pets. But seriously Rana! You have too many weird pets how am I supposed to find the stamina to draw all of them!



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I love to draw Anime style, but I’m dabbling in realism too (I am also self taught in both, so... good or bad?), and am a big Vocaloid/Utauloid/Voiceroid/other voice synthesizers fan too. I guess you could consider me an Otaku, except I don’t cosplay... like, at all. And I loooove creepy things, so if you happen to want to be a friend of mine, remember not to tell me what scares you, because I’ll... NVM I’ll leave it at that hehehe. My most prized art supplies are my Sakura Liners. Presently I only use PrismaColour for colouring.

FYI, I’m the kind of person that spells color, coloUr. That’s only annoying on a mobile device, but I’m telling you it’s the CORRECT way to spell coloUUUUr. I ended this widget on a high note, I know... ;)


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