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TM: Catmaaaaaan

Gift for my mate. Hope she likes it. ; u; ♥

Ref: [link]
( Improvised on the BG with the few lace-brushes I had. Didn't feel like googling for better, LOL. ;;;; )


Art © :iconyumikarp:
TinierMe © atgames
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Cute. I also have
a tinierme account
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Thank you! <3
Oh? ♥ It's an awesome community site, the clothes are such a great inspiration. c:
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</sub>Yes. But It's hard finding
People that will do art for you
that are good, and not expensive.
Plus i dont buy art anymore becuase
Its against Tm rules..... ; v ;
So i hunt down good free art
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Now people should be glad that I refused to sell my art. xD;
I might have been banned. P:
I give art to my friends when I want to make them happy. Catman gave me an item I needed, but I didn't know what to give in return. She didn't want anything, but I won't let gifts go to waste. U:< So I drew her something, since I couldn't come up with anything else. ;;;
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Same. I give art to my friends
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At first, there was a rumour about not being allowed to gift art either. Talk about people getting furious! Haha. xD;
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Omai that sounds bad
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They changed the ToS!

"Terms of Service 4.3.2 (23)

(23) You agree not to sell, purchase, gift, trade or exchange Service-related items (including virtual items, Content or Account(s)) for "real world" money and/or real items, or for Virtual Currency, virtual items and/or accounts from any other website.
a. Minor exchanges of User Content and/or virtual goods within the Service may not be considered a direct breach of 4.3.2 (23)
b. These types of engagements are not recommended; if they result in a loss of virtual items and/or goods, the Company cannot be held responsible.

This adjustment has been made to allow members to exchange artwork and/or TinierMe profile layout services for items within TinierMe. Please keep in mind that if you choose to do so, you are doing so at your own risk, and TinierMe cannot be responsible for any loss of items, or disputes between members, caused by these type of engagements.

Major exchanges, such as exchanges of "real world" money and the selling/purchasing of User Accounts, are still considered a violation of the TOS."
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lolol TM is a small world after all!
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Feels like it, when all my friends are friends with my other friends!
Though, they say that it is them who are friends with me.. like I'm Mr. Popular or something. <_<;
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You are Ms. Popular. :u
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No, I'm The Unpopular. U:
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