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Crenny Wallpaper

A Crenny/McTucker wallpaper!
Tried the same style as my Pikachu wallpaper, if some of you remember. c:

Made it for my CrennyMcTucker Tumblr, but people are free to use it as long as they credit le moi, ofc♥!

Don't forget to use it on side-to-side.

Hope you like it! : D


I'm getting sooo many faves on this! O -O
I'm trying to thank every single one of you, but I'll have to take a break cause deviantart thinks I'm spamming.. [link]


Art © :iconyumikarp:
Kenny, Craig, South Park © Matt n' Trey
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© 2011 - 2021 Yumikarp
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cherurose's avatar
haha i love craig face mind if i use craig face as my icon and my i pod touch wallpaper :iconpervykennyplz: :iconcraigplz:
Yumikarp's avatar
Haha, feel free to, as long as you don't claim it to be made by you you're free to use it anywhere for anything. :P
namba2's avatar
Awww! That would be soo cute as a present paper!!
Yumikarp's avatar
Your comment actually made me think about it, and I've been trying to find out how to print your own designs as present paper. But it seems awfully expensive from what I've found! O:

I will keep looking though! I really think it would be cute as present paper, I know I would be happy if I got Crenny all over my presents, haha. ;D ♥
namba2's avatar
I will definitly buy it! :>
You could sell your motive to an present-paper-thingie-shop xD
Yumikarp's avatar
I've looked everywheeeeere.
Gosh, who'd have known it would be so bloody expensive!
Not like I can sell a 3m presentpaper-roll for damn $100. D:;;;;
namba2's avatar
D8 *gasp*
WHUT!? *faint* xD
well... that sure is expensive... hm... too bad... D''x I would have definitly bought it!
SummerWish94's avatar
This is now my desktop. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF--I'm soooooo happy!
Yumikarp's avatar
Omg, it's someone's desktop.
That makes me soooo happy. ♥
Roxas-Fan11's avatar
heh!>w< this is soo cute! <3
Yumikarp's avatar
Haha, thank you♥ > u<
Roxas-Fan11's avatar
you are very welcomed!!!
IEatTacosForDinner's avatar
I exploded about fourteen times in a row upon viewing this.
SugapieIsSoFly's avatar
Mmm, it's adorable!
They look so cuddly. <3
Yumikarp's avatar
Thank you, m'darling. <3

He He, I can't believe it became so popular when it was just a quick doodle cause I wanted a background for my Crenny tumblr.. ;;
SugapieIsSoFly's avatar
Well, it's very cute, that would be why. <3
But yeah, I hear ya. My most popular deviation only took like twenty minutes and it has over 200 favorites haha. Doesn't make sense, but whatevs. Long as people are looking at your things. (:
Yumikarp's avatar
I'll never reach 200. OTL //sob
But your art is lovely, so I can understand why. * u* ♥
SugapieIsSoFly's avatar
Nah-awww.... your style's so cute.
's why I just hit watch. <33
Yumikarp's avatar
OMG! @ ^@;;; ~

Y- you serious..? ; o; ♥
ReNaMCH24's avatar
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