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Kotai: Happy Holidays

By YumiDoll
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FCK YEA. ANOTHER DRAWING IN THE SAME WEEK. Lol I just finished this, I win at life for proving my brother right though >3

Brother: So, you have 3 hours to color, I doubt you can make it and get some sleep.

AND I FINISHED WITH 6 MINUTES TO SPARE! (I'm posting this a little after since I went on tumblr for a bit, lulz)

Yeaa so anyway, the BG was a btch, it took me forever to color the lineart to make it look decent, over all... I don't think its that great orz. I liked it better when it was a sketch. ;w;

Oh well, I got to draw my Kotai pairing so I'm good <3 Happy Holidays everyone!

Taiwan & Korea (c) Himaruya Hidekazu
Art (c) Me
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© 2010 - 2020 YumiDoll
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Taiwan looks so damn adorable in this >.< I luv her slippers xD
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xD Thank you kiki! <3
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AAAw so cuteee!!!! ;u;
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Aww! Thank you~ (for the fave too!) ^^
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Aaaaagh love Tai's expression and the position and the atmosphere! Nice Christmas setting, mum. xD Your colors are a lot smoother here, too! If you want to make the floor look more correct dimension-wise, then all you have to do is make the carpet that's closest to you wider than the carpet line in back.

(Just got back from Vegas---sick. And thus, I shall create my tardy holiday image!)

Hope you had an awesome Christmas. :]
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Ohh! Thanks for the tip! I suck at perspective (something I should work on!) And thank you for the compliments! <3

Welcome back then! XD Aww ;w; Get well soon~ I did have a good christmas! I hope you had a great one as well xP
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Welcome, and I had a rather spectacular if not rather ill Christmas. :3
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This is really really cute! I spy improvement <3
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Awww! <3 Thank you ~~
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Aw, this is so cute~
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Aw! Thank you! <3
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I really love Taiwan's outfit! The floor looked a lil flat to me (constructive criticism okay? o.o) But the rest of the drawing is absolutely lovely and adorable! I really want her outfit...
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Lol I actually have that outfit, Its just a big sweater and a dress with a frilly skirt xP Yeaaa The floor, It does look flat (since I can't draw floors XD) But thank you for the comment! <3
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What is this? What is this right here? I demand an explanation, lady.
Why is this so cute? How did I not hear about this sooner?
Why are you making me fall in love with KoTai so much more than I ever should?

Pourquoi? Pourque? Nandatte? (To quote Mr. Himaruya.) Tay sao? (Why is it that I'm unsure about my native language's spelling? ;_; )
You're awesome, have a wonderful Christmas. :>
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8DDD;; I wanted to tell you but I started drawing this like.. on Christmas Eve around 4ish, and you weren't online on yahoo, and and tumblr I hinted it! 8D;; Oh well, more Kotai love to go arounddd~

XD Ah, pish poshh~ I'm not awesome! You are x3 Have a great Chirstmas yourself :3
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lol sorry bout that bro.


sdvaoij Dude, why aren't you on the hetalia LJ comm freaking out about the Hetastream event? this is how I'm spending half of my Christmas day.
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x3 Thank you! <3
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No... I need food back. I don't accept thank yous...

Just kidding!♫ You're welcome!♥
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Oh heyyy a picture. I'm surprised you finished it all in one day!

It looks great and definitely an improvement from your previous drawing... I don't know when that was, but still an improvement!

When I first saw the picture I literally stared at it for a good few minutes because I noticed something different about it compared to your other drawings and then it hit me! You changed the way you lineart! You don't just use plain black now, instead you used a darker shade of the object that was being outlined. I think it looks better like that, keep ittttt.

I see you used textures too, very nice. Love how you drew Taiwan, especially her hair.
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X3 Thank you so muchh~ My last (decent) drawing (that was colored) was in October I think.... Lol that was awhile back anyway.

Oh really? Is it that noticeable? oAo I decided at the last minute to color the lineart, but like.. it took me forever to make it look decent -3- But I'm glad you like it! I'll probably keep it then xP

Textures? Oh! I just used the crayon brush 8P Taiwan was fun to draw! Her outfit was based off of mine I was wearing that day, and her hair was really funnn to draw 8P
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The color of the lineart being that noticeable, I dunno. I just knew something about it was different for sure though that's why I stared at it for five minutes.

Crayon is a textureeee xP And that's a cute outfit then xD

Get off the computer and enjoy your Christmas!
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