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You watched ASL’s energetic performance from the side of the stage with a wide smile on your face. You glanced over the entire stage before your eyes came to a stop on a freckled face. If possible you smiled wider and did a goofy little dance as you listened to the lyrics, Ace had written:

   Stuck in a limbo
   Half hypnotized
   Each time I let you stay the night, stay the night
   Up in the morning
   Tangled in sheets
   We play the moment on repeat

   When you're standing there in your underwear
   And my t-shirt from the night before
   With your messed up hair
   And your feet still bare
   Would you mind closing the bedroom door?

Suddenly he glanced over at the side of the stage, one of his eyebrows shot up into his dark hair as he caught you dancing and his face melted into a grin. He thought of all the moments you had spent together in the past year and trying to convey his feelings to you he sang earnestly. He jammed a little on the guitar singing his heart out. He thought back to the one moment that inspired this song.

“Ace, do you have any shampoo left?” You called from the bathroom while the ravenette was laying in bed. He smirked at the thought of seeing you scantily clad and got up to assist you in your search. Approaching the bathroom he indeed saw you in a bra and underwear with your (h/l/c) messily placed down your back as you faced the shower trying to adjust the temperature. He came up behind and wrapped his arms around your body. You felt his muscular chest and turned your head to look at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Can I help you sir?” you asked. You felt vibrations from his laugh rumble through his chest and he simply looked into your eyes before capturing your lips in a passionate kiss.  

You pulled away breathlessly saying in a low voice, “We’re going to be late to dinner with Luffy and Sabo, my love.”

He dropped his head on your shoulder and whined in a childish voice, “I don’t care, you can stay here all night and tomorrow too.”

“Ace, I can’t you know I don’t even have a toothbrush here!” He brightened at that as if there was a solution. He pulled away from you and walked languidly to the supply closet. You missed his warmth immediately but watched as he rummaged around for something. He gave you a triumphant look before producing a unopened blue toothbrush.

“I got this for you a few weeks back. So you don’t have to rush, you can leave this toothbrush at my place.” He said before gasping and running back to the bedroom to write down lyrics to a song. You giggled at his antics and decided you couldn’t say no to the handsome freckled man. You took your phone from the counter to call Sabo, after a few rings you heard the line connect.

“Hey Sabo, looks like Ace and I won’t be able to make it tonight. He won’t let me leave.” You laughed as you peeked through the door to see him writing furiously with his tongue poked out to the side.

“No problem (Y/N), I’ll just break the news to Luffy. Keep Ace out of trouble will you? Unless you’re the trouble.” He said deviously. You gasped and felt your face heat up.


“Oops sorry gotta go, Luffy is calling me!” He laughed and hung up. You tried to get your blush under control before walking over to Ace.

“Your brother is ridiculous.” You shook your head slightly with a grin on your face. He looked up from his notebook and took in your flushed cheeks and happy smile. He was glad that you got along with his brothers so well and tilted his face up to kiss you.

    Maybe you don't have to rush
    You could leave a toothbrush
    At my place
    At my place
    We don't need to keep it hush
    You could leave a toothbrush
    At my place
    At my place

    I just, I just can't let you go
    Give me something I've never known
    So maybe you don't have to rush
    You could leave a toothbrush
    At my place
    At my place

You bounced around energetically as the song came to an end and cheered with the rest of the crowd.

“Thank you so much for being our fans guys and have a wonderful night! We love you!!” Sabo shouted to a crowd going wild.

The trio bounded off stage approaching you. You smiled happily and gave them a big hug.

“You guys are so amazing as always!” You said in excitement. You and Luffy grabbed hands and were dancing in a ridiculous manner, giggling in glee. Ace and Sabo simply looked at the two of you and shook their heads slightly and chuckled at your antics. Ace cleared his throat and grabbed your attention. You gave Luffy an apologetic look as you pulled your hands away from his. He pouted as you went to Ace’s side to give him a kiss.

He wrapped his arms around you in a hug and grabbed your hand before starting to sprint away from the backstage area, out the door and into the street. His sleek car was already waiting for you. He smirked as he heard calls from his brothers and managers for him to come back, but when he looked over at you he wouldn’t ask for anything more.
The song in the story is called Toothbrush by DNCE, it's absolutely lovely! I don't own anything and the image doesn't belong to me either! It's all property of Eiichiro Oda.
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Cute, firy goofball
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Isn't he though? Haha Ace Flames 
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Epic gif
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