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You turned your head to see a familiar face under a top hat. You smiled and replied “Sabo.”
He grinned in his usual good natured fashion.

“I was looking for you, I have to gather some intel and track down someone. Wanna go on a mission with me?”

You gave him an affirmative answer before asking. “Who are we tracking down?”

“Trafalgar Law, the surgeon of death.”

You and Sabo had tracked Law to a relatively small island with a bustling market place. Walking next to the tall man you took in the various sights and smells of the area before spotting a recognizable dark haired man with a spotted hat. Eager to catch him before he got away you left Sabo’s side and took off to the other side of the street. Catching up with him was no easy feat in the crowd but soon you reached him and called,

“Trafal-” You got out before he spun around abruptly catching you by surprise. You stumbled backward and quickly grabbed his sweatshirt in an effort to steady yourself only to take him down with you. You groaned as you hit the ground with a thud and opened your eyes to find a pair of silver eyes boring into your own. You had ended up landing in a very compromising position with Law’s arms on either side of your head for support and his body in between your legs. You lost your breath for a moment and your cheeks flushed with color as you gazed at the attractive man before you heard a shout of your name from your blonde haired companion.

Sabo’s face held a frightening expression and gritted his teeth before sharply pulling Law to his feet.

“Are you alright?” Sabo asked, helping you up. When he was completely assured you were ok, he turned to the warlord and said, “We need some information, you mind coming with us?”
Law glanced over at you briefly (which did not go unnoticed by the chief of staff) before simply nodding. You beamed at raven haired man (which also did not go unnoticed by the chief of staff) and turned to follow Sabo to a secure location.

Once there, you got straight to work recording answers regarding a small time drug ring that was getting to be more of a problem. The revolutionary army wanted to crush the group before they could gain any more traction. Much to Sabo’s annoyance, the tattooed man’s answers and attention seemed to be directed at you. You had noticed this about halfway through the conversation and you had also caught glimpses of Sabo scowling or outright glaring at the man who seemed oblivious or simply did not care. This was completely out of character and you wondered what was going on in his mind. Ever since joining the revolutionary army, you had developed a crush on the chief of staff that grew with each passing day. However, your poor attempts at flirting seemed to be completely overlooked by the former noble.

“____-ya, if you’re free tomorrow, would you accompany me to grab coffee?” Your head shot up when the warlord asked, already blushing in embarrassment.

You opened your mouth to answer when you were immediately cut off.

“She absolutely can not.” Sabo’s eyes flashed as he replied through gritted teeth. You looked at him in shock, wondering what had caused the normally good natured man to be in such a foul mood. “We have to report back to headquarters right away.”

You smiled sheepishly at Law who only smirked lightly and said, “another time then.”

Sabo stood up quickly grabbing your wrist before pulling you out of the room and to the direction of the ship. You waved goodbye to Law, giving a small smile. The two of you reached the boat and Sabo continued until you were in his office. He released your wrist before locking the door and turning on you.

“Sabo, what is your problem? What’s gotten into you?” You asked rubbing your wrist. He simply growled advancing on you.

“____, you sure took a liking to that warlord didn’t you?” He said menacingly. You gulped and stepped back.

“W-What are you talking about?” You cursed when you felt your back hit the wall of the office. He towered over you and grabbed your wrists before pinning them. He leaned down before silencing you with his lips. You gasped allowing his tongue entrance and to dominate your mouth. Your eyes slid shut and his grip on your wrists loosened considerably allowing you to knock his hat off and wind your fingers in his soft blond hair. He pulled away panting, glancing at the state you were currently in. Eyes bright, cheeks flushed and hair a slight mess from the exertion. He sighed happily, held you close and simply let out a possessive, “Mine.”
I don't own the characters as they belong to Eiichiro Oda, and I do not own the image as they belong to someone not me haha. Please let me know what you think!
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So cute
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likalik Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016
(///ω///)💕 Sabo
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Maybe I'll continue this story with a second part lemon Blush 
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(*♡д♡*) Yes is my future husband ! Wait a lemon
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