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“You guys can not seriously think this is a good idea? Right? Bepo, tell them.” You looked pleadingly at the white bear. In response the bear simply looked from the two men and back to you before muttering out a single, “sorry.”

“Come on _____, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that the captain treats you differently from the rest of the crew. We just want to test our theory is all.” Shachi said with a shit-eating grin.

You looked at him with a half hearted glare before replying, “Yeah, he treats me differently because I’m not a complete moron like you two!”

Penguin shot you an offended look before chiming in, “What’s the worst that’s going to happen? If he doesn’t have feelings for you then it won’t bother him or anyone else and if he does…. Well that’s a problem for future us” He paled slightly thinking of what could happen before giving Shachi a nervous look.

To which the red haired man simply rolled his eyes and said, “Man up bro! Ok here’s the plan….” he trailed off before tapping his chin in thought. “....Ok there is no plan, but basically we’ll all flirt with _____ until captain reacts or until we get bored and fuck around with something else.”

You groaned at the hope bubbling up in your chest, maybe just maybe, this insane plan would cause your stoic captain to reveal some hidden feelings. You made a noise imitating a beached whale before finally agreeing.

Attempt one.

You were sitting in the kitchen with the raven haired captain by your side, reading up on the latest medical technologies on an island named Isola. You then heard a loud bang of the door slamming open and blinked as you watched Shachi saunter in. He sidled close to you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders as he feigned interest in your book.

“What’cha reading?” He spoke lowly in your ear. You blushed brightly not being used to the close contact and stuttered out an explanation. Cursing yourself you glanced over at the tattooed male who did not look the slightest bit concerned. You watched as the captain abruptly got up and made a hasty exit. You looked at Shachi accusingly to which he just gave you a grin.

Attempt two

You were struggling to get something to eat from the top shelf of the pantry and groaned as your fingers just brushed the out of reach cereal box. You suddenly felt a body behind you and a hand reach up to grab the box. You jumped in surprise and turned to see Penguin with a sheepish smile on his face.

“Thanks Penguin!” You smiled brightly at him to which he replied “No problem.” Law had been walking down the hallway and walked into the kitchen to witness the whole exchange. He felt a stab of annoyance when he saw your smile directed at someone other than him. He walked towards the fridge and slammed the door open with an expression that gave nothing away. You and Penguin jumped at the loud noise created by the pirate captain and looked at each other in question. Law simply grabbed an apple and brushed by Penguin harshly almost knocking him to the ground.

Attempt three

Bepo gave a smile as you cuddled into his fur.

“Bepo, you’re the softest, best cuddler in the whole entire world.” You sighed happily rubbing your face against him.

Law came up on this scene and before he could stop himself, barked “What are you two doing? If you have time to be cuddling, you’re wrong. Get back to work.”

You looked at him with a shocked expression as he normally never raised his voice at you or Bepo. You awkwardly cleared your throat and left the room quickly leaving Law and Bepo alone.

“Ok, this isn’t working. Maybe we were wrong and captain doesn’t have feelings for you after all. If anything I think we just made him grumpier than usual.” Penguin said sadly. Shachi sighed and nodded in defeat. Bepo just sighed and went to take a seat before bumping into you with enough force to send you flying into Shachi. He watched in horror as Law walked in and just in time to see you fall and slam your lips into the red haired man’s on accident.

“What is going on here?” Law had a terrifying look on his face as he saw you still in Shachi’s arms. You didn’t get a chance to explain as you heard “Room.” You closed your eyes waiting for the slice of Kikoku and the loss of body parts before landing softly in well muscled arms. You gasped as you opened your eyes and found a pair of silver eyes boring into your own. He growled lowly in your ear, “I’ll deal with you later.” Without another word he tilted your head and attaching his lips to your neck. You let out a soft whimper as he sucked harshly on the skin leaving a large purple and red bruise. The trio of Heart Pirates looked on in shock not knowing exactly what to do as they watched the scene unfold in front of them.

“You three, get out.” Law growled out. And without another word the three of them fought their way to the door to escape the former warlord’s wrath. You gulped as he set you down on the table. He let out a huge sigh and leaned his forehead against yours.

“You are driving me insane. I hate it when other men touch you.” The messy haired man begrudgingly said. “I thought my feelings for you were clear but let me make absolutely sure.”

He looked at you earnestly with intense silver eyes. “I’ve lost everyone I cared about and I’m not about to lose you. So ____, I love you and have loved you for quite some time. Will you be mine?”

You beamed at him and wrapped your arms around the tall man and replied with a simple, “always.”
I don't own anything as always! I'm sorry if Law is OOC and it feels a little rushed, I'll go back and edit it later but I wanted to get something new out so I would get some motivation!
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Bankaimaryjane Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
Funny and cute at the same time! ^-^
MUSHROOMGRENADE Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student Interface Designer
 “Man up bro! Ok here’s the plan….” he trailed off before tapping his chin in thought. “....Ok there is no plan, but basically we’ll all flirt with _____ until captain reacts or until we get bored and fuck around with something else.” 
this part
I have been giggling like an idiot for the past thirty minutes using his voice and saying this like an idiot
KenLala007 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017
It's so sweet and cute~
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These are always fun to read
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This is so adorable Pink Heart Icon 
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