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Anesthesia - Shanks x Reader - one shot
A moment of relaxation you had yet to take. Anxious jolts had you up and on your feet completing countless circles around the center mast. Hurried taps you gave to the flooring as sitting was simply not an option.
A hold dug in your repeated path you were sure would soon cave as evidence if you did not stop soon.
Although it could not be helped.
The only cure would be your husband’s bright grin; making it successfully through the surgery which he was currently in the middle of.
A deep craving of running your hands through his vibrant red hair set in. Meeting glistening brown eyes was all you wished for at the moment.
A simple enough procedure he was going through yet all the reassurance in the world could not calm you.
On an order, Beckman brought you up and away from the lower deck’s medical bay for a breather. Shanks knew all you too well that you would patiently wait at the door until the end.
Several attempts at sneaking back down were quickly thwarted by a heavy cough.
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~Most Wonderful Time of the Year~ (Ace x Reader)
Listen to if you want ^^^^ but you don't have to ^-^
~Most Wonderful Time of the Year~ 
    Ah~ Christmas.
    A time to gather with your loved ones and share presents and express your love. 
    Why can't your Christmas's be like that?!
~Cooking Cookies~
    Ace, your loving narcoleptic boyfriend wanted to do something nice for the holidays, and well you really like cookies. He didn't want to half ass this by getting the cookie dough out of the packages, so he thought he could make it from scratch.
    Oh dear god what a mistake. How did trying to do something nice for your girlfriend turn into such a mess?!
    Butter was smeared on the counter, a bag of sugar was tipped over, tons of it falling onto the floor, the mixer out of whack, and not to mention he looked like a mess. You were out shopping for gifts so luc
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Ice Skating~Sabo~Day 18

  You stare out your window, the glass frosted from the freezing temperatures outside, watching the people walk by on the sidewalk below. Happy people smiling as the snow fell around them, talking with groups of friends as they passed by your window. You sigh, spinning your chair back around to face your computer, staring at the screen with blank eyes, flipping through social media another time before laying your head on your desk. A sharp ping alerts you to a new message but you ignore it, burying your face in your arms. Two more pings follow it quickly and you groan lifting your head enough to glance at computer screen.  
    Sabo: Hey! 
    Sabo: How are you? 
    Sabo: What are you doing today? 
    You stare at the messages for a while longer trying to decide if you wanted to answer. The aching pain in
:iconknightannabeth:KnightAnnabeth 44 4
Santa ~ X Drake ~ Day15

         “Look everyone!  Captain Kid did it again!” One of the orphans cheer, smacking down the newspaper he had just found. You sweatdrop as the little pirate fanatics swarm the paper as Zazar, the eldest orphan, reads the article aloud.  
        “Why can’t you kids idolize marines instead?” You sigh. Eustass Kid and the other pirates weren’t exactly good role models.
         “Oh yeah, because marines are so nice to us.” Zazar says sarcastically with an eye roll.
         “We already agreed that Momozki is a rat, not a marine.” Molly squeaks out.
         “Exactly.” You smirk.
         “___! ___!” A boy collides into your leg, looking up at you excited. “X Drake and his crew just docked! Can we go see the
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 69 13
Luffy x Reader: Standing up again.
  Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece, Oda-senpai does but I do own this story. I also do not own the picture.
If you do not like this, feel free to tell me where to improve. If any part of this story is related to your story in any way, it is purely coincidental.
"This... this can't be happening..." Luffy repeated.
Again and again.
"Ace... where are you? You're here, right?"
"You're didn't die... it was just a dream..."
You were starting to get worried about your captain.
Your lover.
"Luffy..." you whimpered, a concerned look plastered on your face.
When his heart broke, yours broke too.
Seeing him look slightly to you, his eyes weren't the usual happy and cheerful ones, and instead it was replaced with dull and sad ones.
"(Y/n), Ace didn't die, aren't I right?" he asked.
Jimbei took a step forward, but you held your hand, stopping him.
"Let me do it," you demanded firmly.
Slowly and gently, you walked towards Luffy, bent down and touched his face ever so slightly such that
:iconmissasuna-san:MissAsuna-san 19 0
~Special~ LuffyxReader
It was the sunniest day you had seen at the Grandline since a long time.
Silently enjoying the hot feeling upon your skin, you propped your arms up behind you, stretched your legs out and got lost in the sight before you: Blue shining sea and blue shining sky, fighting an unsolvable fight about whose colours were brighter and more beautiful. Never had you been able to take a better look at the beauty of the ocean before today.
What perfection!
The atmosphere was quite relaxing and you enjoyed a lot sitting here, but you weren’t able to relax a hundred percent. That was because of the one person that unexplainably and surprisingly decided to invite you to come up here with him.
But had ever any of his actions been explainable?
“You were right Luffy, the view from up here is certainly the best,” you said with a thankful nod, turning your face away from the sun to your beloved captain that was sitting right next to you.
Well, more like pressed beside you because there
:iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 24 6
Christmas Spirit Law x Oblivious!Reader
As the Heart Pirates were sailing underwater in the submarine on Christmas Eve you were baking cookies and rice cakes in the kitchen while your captain was too caught in his work to stop you. When Shachi and Penguin walk into the kitchen they try to grab some of the (favorite flavor) cookies that you brought out of the oven, but you swatted their hands with a spatula.
Shachi yells as he holds his hand while Penguin looks at you with sad puppy dog eyes. “Aw (y/n), can’t we just have one?”
You immediately shake your head. “Nope, these need to be frosted along with the rice cakes.”
Shachi quirks an eyebrow at this. “Are you sure you want to frost them? Why are you even making rice cakes?”
“They’re for Law because of his bread phobia.”
Penguin shakes his head. “You’re wasting your time decorating them. Once he knows they’re from you he’ll eat them.”
You look at him in confusion. “Why’s tha
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