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My fanart of :iconlehanan:'s amazing manga Arena which takes place in Roman gladiator days. I loved drawing Athal, he's sooo delicious! Claudius gave me problems, but I'll do better next time ^^;
Anyway, gunna give this to *Lehanan when I see her at AX tomorrow, so excited :la:
I'll color it someday I swear...when I have free time again
Arena, Athal and Claudius belong to *Lehanan and ~Tabe-chan
Art belongs to me
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Kekekek why thank you :blush:
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Looks soooo amazing~ :love:

I really am so jealous of how you draw male bodies so well. :heart:
You really are stunningly talented. :D
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Aww no...I'm actually redrawing this now cause I saw so many anatomy flaws, especially in Claudius (on the right) that I'm embarrassed to have given this to an artist I admire so much...hoping she'll like the new one, I think my anatomy's improved.  But thanks so much, I don't have much skill, but I'd gladly share what I have with you if I could :iconsnuggleplz:
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I think you're a perfectionist are't you? :XD:
Then again I think most artists are. 
I still think this is absolutely fantastic though. :heart:
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If by "perfectionist" you mean I think something looks good, submit it to DA, then see all the flaws a minute later and want to burn it...then yes...I'd say I'm a perfectionist OTL
kael1030's avatar
Oh dear... :XD:
What are you like? :pat:
YumeNouveau's avatar
Insane apparently :rofl:
kael1030's avatar
That makes you and me both then. :rofl:
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Oooh my gosh:iconcblushplz: Look great! I really want to read it :eager: You have read it right?
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Awww :iconletmehugyouplz: Thanks so much sweetie!  I'm actually redrawing it cause I don't like the pose and they have little hands I realized OTL But thanks sooo much!  And yes, I've read it so many times and love it, can't wait for the next volume :eager:  You'd like it too, beautiful art!
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OMG awesome sketch my friend !!!! I see your sketch on FB too :iconloveloveplz: 
I wonder what wonderful thing i possibly miss while im absent :iconrelievedplz:  
Btw awesome shading :iconmonkeythmbplz: i wish i could draw as good :iconlalalaplz: 
YumeNouveau's avatar
Aww thanks dear!  I'm not that happy with it, my anatomy is horrendous!  But I'm currently redrawing it so it'll be better and hopefully she'll like it more ^^;
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toooooo much awesomeness ;//v//;
YumeNouveau's avatar
No no...too many problems with this, I swear...I'm actually redrawing it now OTL
But you're sweet, thanks dear :huggle:
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NOOOOHOOO don't say that it's awesome @///@
but I WILL LOVE the next one too :icondroolplz:
keep it up <3

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I hope everyone will like the next one better.  I love how Athal (on the left) turned out, but Claudius (on the right) looks strange and his stupid hands are too small, so I'm redrawing him.  Thanks sooo much for the support hun, I need it :iconsnuggleplz:
Sepram-chan's avatar
awww dear I'll always support you and ur beautiful and breath taking art <3
I'm waiting ;)
6night-walking9's avatar
oh my:iconimsopervyplz: what a great fanart; and yeah, Athal body is so... delicious:D
YumeNouveau's avatar
Awww thanks sooo much!  I love Athal, he's totally my type of bishie!  I had way more problems with Claudius and am redrawing him now, but thanks for liking Athal!  I wish I were his lover...the things I'd do to him :iconhurrplz:
6night-walking9's avatar
Np^^ He's my type too:meow: hihi, for sure he'll not had to much free time if I weree his lover xD
Claudius dosn't look bad to, just his hands are bit too small.
YumeNouveau's avatar
I know...I'd keep him chained up too so he could never run away :iconleleleplz:
I know...hand fail!  I'm used to drawing a certain size, and I drew them bigger and somehow the hands stayed small OTL  I also hate how stiff Claudius' pose is, so I'm changing him completely :la:
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