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System Error

My uni entrance exam digital painting i worked on for one day!
We had 4 themes to choose from and I chose the one about gender identity (at least that's what i interpreted)! transgender {tanzanite} 

A painting for everyone who feels like they are stuck in a wrong body which they hate & society's inacceptance and pressure on them
I am not in the community myself so I just had to try to get the feeling across as I imagined it. You have my support! rainbow heart 2 

Disclaimer thingy: I'm not sure if the title System Error could be interpreted in a way where I look like my intentions are offensive, it's meant to 1) describe the feeling "What is wrong with me? Why do I not feel like this is right?" and 2) Some people's way of thinking where there is only one way to be & everything else must be wrong. It's meant to be criticizing this way of thinking!

Have a beautiful day :3
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This is a hella mood Dx 
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Aw, this is nice.LoveCool analogy and great picture
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Glad you like it! Thanks :3