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The Umbrella Corporation feel safe, they feel secure.
They're wrong.
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Great cosplay! The outfit is Purrrrfect! :la: and those guns! :eager:
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kill the zombies
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like a boss!
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I just squee'd a little.

Where did you find the corset? I pretty much have everything else available but that. :P
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The corset was made ​​for me by a seamstress.
Maybe I sell my own if you are interested! :)
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Ahhhh I see.
Well, maybe not now. I've got to set aside some money for a cosplay next year, but I'll definitely look into how to get one, if I choose Afterlife Alice. Thanks anyway! :)
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I absolutely adore your Alice cosplays! You're the best one I've ever seen; and honestly, it motivates me to lose weight to make a better Alice myself. ^_^ And knowing there's another dedicated Alice out there encourages me to keep cosplaying what I love despite the rudeness that comes my way. In short; you're just epic!
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Thank you darling :heart:
I'm sure you will be a beautiful Alice!

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