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Fate - Grand Order #2
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By yumekage   |   Watch
Published: May 2, 2016
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Yes, out of all those four, I still haven't managed to roll Gil. In fact, I have all the Zero Servants except for Gil...

I left out drawing Saber's crown since it's a hassle to draw. Sorry, Saber~

Enjoy~ =D
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Shadowknight132Student Artist
I can't unhear Bakugao's voice from Gilgamesh, it fits too well
Wowza48's avatar
Wowza48Hobbyist General Artist
... I got blindsided by Ozy and Sangzang when trying to get Nero Bride.
Glaceonlover75's avatar
i feel sorry of archer's master
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Sawtooth44Hobbyist Artist
saber looks best without the crown
cloaks are more badass
DatTemplar's avatar
*sigh* Maybe it's just the fact that Gil doesn't want to be summoned by mongrels at all......................................... despite the fact he's half-mongrel!!


*runs screaming like a girl with Gilgy in pursuit. Oh yeah, and CuCullian is wetting himself*
OperandX's avatar
Well, 1/3 mongrel
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Darkhalf-breedHobbyist Traditional Artist
Its sad to know that Diarmuid meeting Arturia won't be as happy, it would be painful for Diarmuid and awkward for Arturia.
yumekage's avatar
Yeah, the initial reunion would really be awkward as hell but I believe that it's just for the beginning. Those 2 are such bros with each other and since Kiritsugu is out of the picture, I think it won't be difficult for them to make up.
Darkhalf-breed's avatar
Darkhalf-breedHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah but he wouldn't talk to her for god knows how long and she would take it because of her pride, she knows that she was involved in shaming him in such away and her pride stops her from just blaming other people,even if true, to get her way.
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Unobtainable things beautify
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vanileiiHobbyist Digital Artist
"The things we can't obtain are the most beautiful." 

Gilgamesh's quote is very agreeable and can be used in different situations LMAO
yumekage's avatar
Haha, yeah. You can even use that line to soften the blow when you lost a challenge or competition, haha
Scharvor's avatar
SO FUCKING TRUE! I litteraly rolled 80 Times, used up all my quarts and tickets, but i didn't get him. Well, Atalanta, Attila, Siegfried and Tamamo Cat are awesome too, but still...
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Hazama15Student Filmographer
In another universe, Arturia, Diarmuid, Iskandar and Gil are probably some ragtag group of friends in highschool that get into all sorts of stupid or hilarious shenanigans. Arturia as that straight A student with a gluttonous nature and has a knightly sense of pride, Diarmuid as a similarly inclined but more soft spoken guy who's inadvertently famous with the ladies, Iskandar as the muscle headed jock with a great sense of leadership and no sense of personal space and Gil as the deceivingly smart but stubborn and ridiculously prideful rich kid with a giant ego and enough insults and lingual capacity to roast someone all day yet still somehow is friends with the other three.
yumekage's avatar
I've seen a few comics in pixiv with that kind of setting for the Fate/Zero characters. I remember one comic where Gil and Kirei actually started their own yuetsu club in the school which is hilarious. But yeah, seeing a normal camaraderie between the Servants is nice.
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I don't suppose you have a link for any of these?
yumekage's avatar
Sorry, I found the comic a few years back. It's hard to find it back in pixiv with all the new stuff uploaded there.
Oathkeeper0317's avatar
Funny, I just got Gilgamesh today.
Jellieviefish's avatar
//sweats because i bought a starter account just because gil was in it 
btw i love your comics <3
yumekage's avatar
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it =D
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Funny thing really, aside from 3-star-Diarmuid, GIl is the only Zero servant I got at this point ^^; 
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