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well, since i like to do the annual journal thing, here it goes. 2018!

this year i've been working on a project called dollify. i want to make a cute dress up doll app with lots of cute outfits because that is a minor passion of mine. i love character creation/dressing up crap, so it's slowly coming along, i've made some posts with some of the doll bases and outfits and will hopefully have more to show for it soon. i want it to be fully css/js/html5 but i'm rusty with these things and its a bit of a challenge, but its something to do.

oldest kid is in kindergarten now, youngest is in her 2nd year of preschool (will be in preschool for 3 years then will also start kindergarten! how time flies ;n;)

as far as school goes, i got my bachelor's last year (finally) and really need to apply myself to grad school - i was leaning towards optometry schools but my chem scores are terrible, so in a plot twist i went and took my LSAT this summer and did pretty good actually, so hopefully will get into law school for next fall (since i waited too damn long to get into law school this year - damn  my procrastinating ways!). 

well, if i can then i'll update next year in 2019, see ya guys~
kittizak Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'm really glad to see you're around and doing fine! miss talking to you tho =/ 
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