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well, since i like to do the annual journal thing, here it goes. 2018!

this year i've been working on a project called dollify. i want to make a cute dress up doll app with lots of cute outfits because that is a minor passion of mine. i love character creation/dressing up crap, so it's slowly coming along, i've made some posts with some of the doll bases and outfits and will hopefully have more to show for it soon. i want it to be fully css/js/html5 but i'm rusty with these things and its a bit of a challenge, but its something to do.

oldest kid is in kindergarten now, youngest is in her 2nd year of preschool (will be in preschool for 3 years then will also start kindergarten! how time flies ;n;)

as far as school goes, i got my bachelor's last year (finally) and really need to apply myself to grad school - i was leaning towards optometry schools but my chem scores are terrible, so in a plot twist i went and took my LSAT this summer and did pretty good actually, so hopefully will get into law school for next fall (since i waited too damn long to get into law school this year - damn  my procrastinating ways!). 

well, if i can then i'll update next year in 2019, see ya guys~
Ggotta make a journal for this year before it's suddenly 2018.
Time goes by too fast and it makes me head spin. Also, it's official - I am currently double the age I was when I was signed up for DeviantArt. AHHHHH
well happy belated new year peoples. figured i'd do my yearly update so this thing doesnt look too old and crusty.

the slump is real and the slump is strong. 

hopefully i'll feel like drawing soon. i have several unfinished works rotting away on my harddrive of doom.

see you later guys <3

gots me some tumblrssss

Sat May 2, 2015, 7:50 AM
so i've been drawing more. which is kinda neat. it's been awhile.

mostly updating this to say i got one of those tumblr things that all the cool kids are doing.


sooo please follow me cuz it's very quiet and lonely there right now for me. haha

just thought i'd try to stay relevant here. new year and new journal entry, etc blah blah.

if anyone's out there, hello~ ello~ ello~ (echo)
Well ok it is halfway through 2014 now, but Hi! I haven't been very active. I'm a bad, bad yume!

So I have a kid who's 16 months old now, and am now prego with #2 and things are going well. I'm still doing some artsy stuff but I guess I'm just not posting any of it because I'm lazy! I think I shall start posting stuff again cuz I kinda miss the art community. Hope everyone here is doing well!

Til next time :3
So it's come time yet again for another annual journal update.

This past year has been a crazy one for me. I'm 8 months pregnant! I'm due at the end of january :)

I am happy and have some doodling here and there but nothing big enough to upload here. You guys don't want to see my uber doodly sketchy sketches, lol.

Hope 2012 was a wonderful year for you all and that 2013 is an even better one. Bye~!
i'm still alive!

this concludes 2011's journal entry.
Yet another annual journal entry. Hahaha. Another year goes by and my art output is still pretty low. I'm trying though~ I've got loads of unfinished sketches still, anyway.

In other news I got engaged this year~! Pretty excited about that :) We've been dating for 5 years. He wants to move to Florida though but he says it'll only be for a year and then we'll go back to NJ or OR or wherever....  or OR or? Haha, that looks funny.

It's 2010... in 2011 it'll be my 10th year on DA! That's rather unbelievable. But this is the only art archive I still "actively" use. I use the term actively very loosely here. Hahaha. The other day I googled my name and discovered I still had an archive on side7. I almost forgot that place even existed. Go figure.
the rainy season is upon us once again here in the pacific northwest. =B

in other news, i thought i should update my journal at least one time this year, so here it is. mostly i wanted to plug my phantasy star nerdiness - i'm translating this 'choose your own adventure' gamebook from japanese to english. it's 292 pages, it's a retelling of Phantasy Star 1 and comes with really cute 80s manga art =)

Original book here (in Japanese):…

Translation here:
i'm so bored. so i'm updating the da journal! let us rejoice in this glorious affair.

no, but really. i was so bored i started pondering about my deviantart account. hahaha.  then i realized that i was 16 when i first joined da. i'm 23 now, wtf.

when i first joined, there was only about 1000 pics in the anime section, and no anthro section yet, so i had to upload everything to anime, haha. and somehow i STILL manage to get notices to this day from administrators who spontaneously come across some ancient art of mine to tell me that theyve moved it to the "proper category" and that i need to be more careful, lulz.

its fun to look back at some of the old stuff in my gallery. some people take down their old crappy art, but i keep mine up there cuz i'm a huge archive whore. and god knows i dont have any of the original files on my harddrive anymore, so its good to have it around somewhere. even if its shitty x3. i can look thru it and see different phases of my life and so forth. its like a visual diary, kinda. i like that.

ok thats enough rambling out of me. im gunna try to finish a pic or something D:
after months of having :iconfirekitty: tell me to watch it, im now officially addicted to gurren laggan. goddamnit. ._.

my nj license is about to expire in a month. i need to hurry up and get my oregon license now. lolz. probably need to get the tags too. guess ive been living here over a year now. but ive just been lazy. and besides, when i drive like a reckless asshole i feel justified having the jersey tags. its like theyre my warrior badges or something. i have a reputation to maintain. ... yea, that sounds good, ill stick to that.

im in kind of an art slump right now. everything i draw seems to come out wrong and i feel like i need to learn how to draw all over again or something. its like i have to be in just the right mood to draw, and i cant figure out what mood that even is. maybe i'm just thinking about it too much.

oh wells~ time to get ready for class~
:heart:'s and cookies for :iconvermilion-0: who just randomly got me a 3 month sub =D hooreh~ now i can lurk without annoyance =B


in other news, my classes start monday @_@ and i've been doing this $5 flat-colored commission thing on my FA account… and it's been a big hit and i'm kind of excited about it cuz its been making me draw a lot more. but at the same time i think i overloaded a little. but i've got most of them sketched already at least so its coming along somehow.

i can't believe it's fall already. here in portland, summer never actually happened, per se. we had some hot days here and there, but it was incredibly.. mild. and at times downright cold. but that's okay, i guess. hot summer nights must not be meant for portland.
i'll be back on the 20th.

my plane leaves at midnight tonight. auugh red eye flights.

cant wait to see my jersey friends ;___;

in other news, my tablet pen seems to be fine now. i guess it took a little while for it to dry out but it seems to have bounced back to life. i am joyous!

anyway, see you all next monday!
i broke my tablet. in the stupidest way possible, ever.

ok, i managed to drop my tablet pen into the TOILET. the fucking toilet. no, don't ask me why.

it happened right as the toilet was flushing. it fell out of my hand and right into the toilet bowl and began swirling downward towards its certain doom.

i panicked and my instant reaction was "oh no! my pen!!" and without a second thought i reached my arm in and grabbed the pen and then... quickly realized what i had done and threw the pen aside and ran my hands under the sink for like 3 hours. O woe, O tragedy!! afterwords i realized i had chucked the pen somewhere and woe, for it be no longer a tablet pen. it be a dead pen.

i guess didn't quite survive its swim. there's a crack along the seam of it and the pad doesn't respond to the pen anymore whatsoever.

the dumbest story.
in the world.
the end.

luckily, i can buy a replacement pen online for about $30. but... but.... TT_______TT
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so i'm actually back to sorta regularly uploading and stuff. i'm pretty happy about it, i've been out of touch forever and i've uploaded more pics this month than i did all of last year. LOL. that and im able to keep track of friends better this way xD and i'm making new ones. hooray!

anyway, i'm meaning to draw peoples some art soon. i see other people listing out the stuff they're working on and i figure maybe i should too in an attempt to keep myself focused @_____@ so without further ado.

stuff im currently working on:

1. pic for teh callie :iconfirekitty:
2. trade pic for :iconshadowstar: that i owe from 2857926 years ago
3. gift for :iconkawaiimarti:
4. bucket o' endtrails for :iconoatmealzombies:

i'm also busy working on revine. i put together some preview pics for the pages i've got so far, but most of them are old now and either sketchy or basically just not completely finished (except pages 1 and 2 which are pretty much are).

--page 01:…
--page 02:…
--page 03:…
--page 04:…
--page 05:…
--page 06:… ( extra sketchy D: )

i'm thinking about adding a new page in between 4 and 5 -- cuz i was thinking maybe the transition was too rushed, in one scene she's almost falling off a bridge and then in the next shes conveniently at the place she needs to be at. oh god, the laziness consumes my very soul. so i'm hoping if some of you check it out you can tell me if it needs an extra page to help smooth it out or if it's fine the way it is.

ta <3
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oh my god!



i'm bored.


if anyone has any requests/suggestions for what i should draw next, please speak them now. D:

:heart: :heart:
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Rain: noun.
See also: Portland.

soooo life is going okay. still adjusting to the oregon thing, which isn't all that bad. i think my one lament is the food here, but i'm the pickiest food eater (in the world), so that probably doesnt mean alot coming from me.

its been rainy a lot, but not like, you know, some kinda monsoon rain or anything. mostly it's just the constant light drizzle and the ever-overcast-skies that makes this place eternally wet and damp. BUT on the bright side, its really pretty, and the grass hasnt turned brown or died yet, its all green and healthy looking.  in NJ at this time of year, everything reeks of death. @_@

that is all from the mind of montoya.
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i live in portland now. woohoo!

i have some art projects coming up. that means i'll be uploading soon. yay!

i miss you and love you all ; ;


ta ta for now...!

I finally went and put content up on =) I'm so excited, after 4 years of neglect it has content. I'm going to get a newsript and mailing list and other goodies. i'm also going to be doing a web-only mini comic special that ill be updated with a page or so a week. so by all means check it out if you're interested <3