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Peacock Empress

By Yume-Rie
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A floral peacock empress design. This is done in one night, it was pretty relaxing (:
I really wanted to draw crap loads of details and not caring about anything else. Just details.

My style has changed a bit, yes? Seeing many other friends here had improved so quickly.. It makes me want to improve faster too.

Art by ~Yume-Rie | 2010 | Pencil & Photoshop

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You did this in one night?! Are you serious?! This is incredible!!! *g* oh my god I love this!!! I do waaay easier works and they take me 1 month to complete xDD
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her hair makes her look sweet, her demeanor makes her terrifying!
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That's amazing! :faint:
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i cant draw details very well so i liis alot
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Really well done!!
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Thos isnt pretty........................its.............................amazing!!!!!!! >///<
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So detalied! o_o
It looks awesome!
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thats so cool, how do you draw like that?!
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Wow, i really like the way u drew the dress~! It's so pretty and unique :)
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Your stuff is so beautiful and awesome that it makes me want to cry!!!!
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Ohmygod. So beautiful!!!
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WOW! That is so great! I really like it!!
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This is really amazing. I love it! :D
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omg the detaIL!!
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wow, such wonderful details.. lovely work!
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one word: GORGEOUS~
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Wow, those are some impressive details! :iconwowplz:
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