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November 7, 2011
Life Tree by ~Yume-Rie. The Suggester said: "What can I say about this work? I simply loved it at first sight. The light, so pretty and magical, and that huge tree caught my attention instantly!".
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Suggested by Yasny-chan
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Life Tree


The protector of the forest revitalises himself in the hundred year old lake; a lake which has great amount of life energy that drips from the core of the tall, swirling tree. The way the core glows from the branches that intertwines it feels almost like a slow and steady heartbeat..and in a way, the core feels almost.. alive.

This is actually a concept art for my college assignment! I spent wayyy too long on this, and honestly, I still want to fix some things! But recently I've decided that I will let go of this, and submit it so I won't try to fix it anymore ;__;

EDIT : Oh god, this is so sudden! Thank you so very much to `Yasny-chan for suggesting and `Atramina for featuring my work! Thanks to those who viewed my work as well, I'm really grateful for the support! ♥

Art by *Yume-Rie | 2011 | Photoshop CS5
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this is a very nice piece. welldone
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I was wondering if you would be willing to allow me to use your art for a book cover. You will definitely be credited. If you could please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, you did an absolutely wonderful job. Clap 
I would really like to purchase or have permission to use your Life Tree for as a background for a ONE TIME dance performance (National Title)... can you please contact me asap
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Fantastic atmosphere, well done.
Vehement-Crusade's avatar
dis kind of reminds me of something i sketched out once. last year c:

'twas a tree made up of Two parts..... intertwining. :iconsparklesplz:

Love this! Absolutely amazing work. Going to use this on a product of mine. If you have questions please contact me 
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This is so epic and inspiring. I am creating a fantasy novel and this art really resembles the image I have in my head. Can I use this as a inspiration image for my novel. I claim nothing and give credit where it's due.
horikin-phan's avatar
Hi, this is amazing. Would I be able to use it on my blog please?
LeogrimArts's avatar
Sweet light *_* Good job^^
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Beautiful image. A balanced image with a fascinating colour scheme. In my A-Levels I selected the question "Tree of Life" for my Art coursework. And after a quick google, I was brought here and you could say its really helped me lay down the .. roots .. of my work.

Pun aside, the fantasy-like aura it gives of really appeals to me. So, thank you for making inspiring work!
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Brilliant composition and colors. Great work!
All kinds of excellent love the color especially.
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This is beautiful! :iconshaplz:
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Woah. This is so beautiful.
sushiihamster's avatar
*0* i'm in awe... holy crap...
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