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Hello everyone!
The last year and a half have been amazing for me at Mobius Digital, a small indie game company (we literally have like 5 people lol).  And now, we're finally releasing Terra Chroma, a puzzle RPG game!

Please check it out and like us on Facebook! :)

App Store:…

Facebook page:…

Thank you so much!

Also, I have secured half a table at Anime Expo 2015, so I'll be busy preparing for that~ ><  I hope everyone's been drawing and doing awesome art. :D
A good friend of mine, buraisuko, just succeeded in having his game, Aegis Defenders, backed on Kickstarter.  They are currently holding an art contest to draw their characters in your own style and/or costume design!

Please check it out!  And also, take a look at the game because it is AWESOME.

Btw, if anyone's going to Anime California this weekend, here's my panel schedule:
SAT 10:00 am - 11:30 am: D!g!tl P@!nt!ng! LP2 Granada
SUN 10:30 am - 12:00 pm: Anatomy of the Face and Head for Anime-style Artwork WS Barcelona

It's my first time hosting a panel *nervously sweating* but if you're around, come say hi and check it out! :)
It was a fun one! :)  I did a couple commissions and met new toku fans!  Also, I cosplayed Rook from Phi Brain, Momiji from Furuba, and Tomoko from Watamote. :D  I was surprised so many people recognized Tomoko. x)

Also, please check out my spanking brand new tumblr! 

I will be posting sketches there.  LOTS of sketches.  My new years resolution is to FINISH ALL THOSE DAMN UNFINISHED DRAWINGS. 

Is anyone going to Anime Con California?  I'm thinking of doing some drawing and painting panels there... specifically head drawing and digital painting. :)  Would you guys be interested in that kinda thing?

I really really had a great time in Artist Alley at Fanime this year! :)  Thanks for everyone who looked at my artwork and took my card!!  Fanime is always my favorite con to do Artist Alley and I'm really happy I was able to bring the prints I did.  I'm glad that people enjoyed the "Field Wars" and "Goukaigers" prints so much!!! :D  Also, very excited by the strong Zutara support I got and I almost ran out of the Zutara sunset prints. xD

Also was able to do a quick Korra commission for an adorable Korra cosplayer:

I won't be tabling at AX but thanks for all the support so far and I'll be working hard this year as well! :)
Man, time flies!  I can't believe it's already 2013.  Truth be told, 2012 was a pretty mediocre year for me in terms of art.  I spent most of my free time working, looking for more work, and *cough* watching sentai and One Piece (starting from Alabasta arc rofl).  It was hard to get myself to draw/finish anything for fun as I was also trying to whip my portfolio into shape and apply for Riot Games.  That's still in progress... but I think I'm getting closer and I'll post the work for that soon!

In terms of Artist Alley, it was a bit discouraging but also eye-opening.  ALA 2012 was one of my worst cons in terms of sales but at Fanime I made the most I ever did to date.  I thank my Korra prints and Eyeshield 21 print for that!  So I realized that in 2011 (where I also didn't do great), the love was missing from my AA presence.  How did I want to present myself to fans as an artist of the fans?  I have a huge amount of trouble drawing things simply because they're popular and I just don't tend to follow popular things too well.  At ALA 2013 last week, I presented 2 new prints (Shinkengers and Gokaigers) and Gokaigers was a hit!  Eyeshield 21 also sold great and love always to the Zutara fans who pick up my Zutara sunset print. :)  I did wayyy better than last year, even when I had taken on a bunch of commissions and slaved over them until late Saturday night.  Also I promised myself not to do at-con commissions 'cause those are a BITCH. T_T;  

Anyway, I don't know if I'll ever be one of those artists raking in thousands in AA per con but I am quite satisfied seeing people get excited at my sentai stuff and recognize the Eyeshield 21 print. :)  For Fanime, watch out for more sentai and maybe I'll even finish that Code Geass print I started 2 years ago rofl...  

If I do well enough at Fanime this year, I may consider printing a book!!
ALA Artist Alley was so fun!  I tabled with :iconxyaminogamex:, :iconxroxyryokox:, and :iconrosewine:.  It was great getting to know new people and I learned a lot of tips for next time.  I did a lot better in sales than I did at PMX and I even got a bunch of commissions!  The commissions did take me until 5am on Saturday night to finish but it was all worth it. :)  

For Fanime, I vow to complete my super incomplete Avatar character portraits (I have only Zuko done lol) and a horoscope character set so I don't have people just asking me where the others are (besides Taurus and Gemini).  I'm very optimistic and hope to continue to do better with making my art more attractive and interesting to others. :D

Oh one thing about ALA... I didn't bring any cosplays at all!  I caved on Saturday and borrowed :iconalchimique:'s femm China (Hetalia) cosplay since I do like China even though Hetalia in general gives me a migraine.  But I really strived to bring some new prints to ALA so I didn't plan to make anything new, and all my other costumes were stored in the garage where I couldn't reach them.  So alas... I was casual on Friday and Sunday.  However, some cosplays I would hope to wear at Fanime are Physis from Terra E (I found a Jomy and Tony~ also this costume is done because I bought it from someone else), Hinano from Trouble Chocolate (Jyubun desu!), and Shinobu from Bakemonogatari (if my bf will finally agree to do Oshino).  I might also bring Tomoyo from CCS, or make a new costume for her... I'll always be stuck on CLAMP. ><  When I saw the Jomy and Tony cosplayers at ALA, I actually got super excited about seeing them and it was a long time since I had felt that way about seeing cosplayers.  Perhaps the years are just building up, but I'm glad that I'm still able to get excited about cosplay... I had been feeling a bit dissatisfied in the past cons.  Also, there were some really cool panels at ALA.  There are always martial arts workshops and the Kunoichi one was pretty cool although it was mostly wrist grab exercises, and the Cosplay posing panel was very thorough.  

There was a little acoustic duo at ALA called Momotama and they did some beautiful renditions of anime pieces (especially a lot of songs by Sakamoto Maaya :D) and that was super enjoyable.  The lead singer, Mikarin, said something that really made me feel hopeful.  She was explaining how winter is traditionally a sign of tough times and people are always looking to spring for relief.  "Shinshun" was what the beginning of the year is called in Japanese and it means "new spring".  It is a term to encourage new hope in the upcoming time of prosperity in spring , and she thought it was nice for ALA to fall at a time when everything is new and optimistic.  Thus, I am optimistic to sell more at Artist Alley and do funner cosplay this year! :)
Wow, Zutara week has really got me on a roll!!  I wasn't drawing so much after graduating but now, I've started figure drawing again and that always gets me back into the swing of things.

The job search isn't exactly going swimmingly, but I can tell that my portfolio will need a lot of work and a lot of tweaking so that it actually shows my skills and not just work that I made just to impress the portfolio people.  But I have heard that in a costume designing project I'm in, my designs are being received very well by the review committee, so that's always good. :)

So anyway... it's time for me to get back on track and start using this deviantart account again. *dusts off cobwebs*

P.S.  JEALOUS... Otakon has Kylee!! T_T  And also if I were a FF fan, I'd be excited for Nobuo Uematsu, but DAMN, he's actually going to be there. O_O
Tabling at both Fanime and Anime Expo were really fun! :)  I met a lot of people and made a decent amount.  I'm glad that a lot of people are still willing to buy stuff that isn't Hetalia lol.

I hope to do this again next year and maybe by then I can make stuff for what's popular because it won't still be Hetalia. >_>;  Hopefully.
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Lots of sketchbooking, but very little completed work.  But now that my schedule is a bit freer this semester, I'll work harder to complete the numerous projects that I keep starting.  I think I've been saying that for a year now lol.

Oh also!  Last semester, I was busy with Megiddo2012 (a comic tournament) and finishing my entry for that, which you can see here.

But yeah, I realllyyyy need to get stuff done now 'cause I have an Artist Table at Fanime! :D  Tabling for the first time yay!
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Uhhh... well it's been a while. xD

I don't have much to say, except that I'm gradually going to be uploading things in a few weeks.  For the time being, I'm still working a lot in my sketchbook only but hopefully, when I put things up, it will show improvement.  When I put up scans from my sketchbook recently, I've been getting a lot of comments about how the way I draw now looks like the designs from Eureka Se7en.  The fact is that the animation studio for that show, BONES, is one of my favorite studios and they influence me a lot.  So yeah, I suppose I do take after them in the way I draw.  

But I guess I'm a little curious... does the way I draw remind you of any particular artist/anime character designs?
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Man it feels like everyone is doing something awesome, whether it be for Kubo Tite or the Avatar panel.  But I think I'm still a little fangirled-out from AX so I'm not doing anything particularly special for Comiccon.  I'll be bringing my Mimi (Digimon) cosplay, either Mashiro or some Zombie Powder cosplay, and maybe Joo Dee or a Yu Yan archer.

I was at my Aunt's house in Oregon this past week and I was so amazingly productive!  I mean, I guess I had nothing to do besides art since they used dial-up Internet. xD;;  So yeah, I did four pieces in like 5 days.  Also, I watched all of Terra E and the first two seasons of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.  Seriously, I feel really good!  And now, I also have millions of thumbnail sketches in my sketchbook waiting to be made into illustrations, so yeah.

Check my livejournal for AX pics!
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Finals are done and I am READY FOR ART.

I'm really trying to improve so I'm gonna try to make like a piece everyday so bear with me if some (most) of them really suck. >.>;

Also, I FELL the other day.  Like, I was walking and tripped and just fell flat on my face.  Yeah, I hadn't done that since like ... 5th grade?  So for a while, I was at a loss of what I was supposed to do with the wound lol.

Anyway... man I'm so glad I didn't end up going anywhere far away for college.  I'm a family kinda girl after all. : )
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I feel really bad for being so inactive on here but I actually have been drawing a lot recently.  It's more like working on anatomy and stuffs though so it goes straight to my sketchbook.  I might end up posting some of that but I'll eventually start making real deviations again.  I have so many planned--including Digimon, Golden Compass, Ella Enchanted, and sooo much more.  So I just wanted to thank the people that have been commenting on/fav-ing my art even though it's not really an accurate representation of how I draw nowadays.  Hasta luego, mis amigos! :)
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Merry Christmas, all you art freaks! <3

chocoj20 baked me these!

Aren't they adorable?!  :DD
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So much to do!!  I despise my writing class so much.  SO MUCH.  I don't mind the Design and Drawing projects but the writing class just KILLS ME.  *curls up into a corner and whimpers*

Avatar was awesome.  Day of Black Sun just proved everything I loved about this series and why I obsess over it the way I do. xD  I'd go over every single thing I found awesome about Chapter 10 but that'd be way too long so I'll make a disorganized, shortened list:
- fish submarines were awesome!
- caterpillar tanks kept making me laugh xD
- Sokka's speech was adorable
- No, Haru, just NO
- Did you guys catch the hot swampbender? <3
- Katara was amazing
- Appa's armor was EPIC (did Sokka really make that all by himself??  Toph must've helped him)
- Toph = WIN 4EVER AND EVER; also Sokka's awe at Toph's awesomeness was funny too xD
- SokkaxAzula hints wut?
- Yay Teo! :D
- Zuko, oh Zuko, you make me so proud!  <3

Also, I was wondering, to anyone that has ever said this, what exactly does it mean when you say that you like my style?  I never quite understood that comment.
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I really feel like a college student now haha.  I work 10 hrs a week (not a lot, really) and go to class and feel like I don't have time for anything!  I can't believe I actually had two essays due this week, one after the other.  Dang I hate essays... they're so difficult for me now.  In high school, I think it was more about making yourself sound good in essays but now, the ideas also have to be top-knotch.  Especially for Philosophy, I'm having so much trouble. -_-  It's probably because I can't construct logical arguments.  Yeah, ask any of my friends and they could probably tell you that I do not use logic most of the time. xD

On the other hand, my art classes are pretty cool.  They're really basic but at the same time, that makes it fun because I can push myself more to do well on each project.  Unfortunately, that hasn't been working out too well haha but I do think I'm getting better, especially with figure drawing.  But everytime I feel pretty good about my work, I glance over at my friend's paper in art class and feel like I'm getting bludgeoned over the head with how good he is.  I like this cycle though.  It makes me really aspire to get better.  So while I'm not certain about what exactly I want to do with art, I know for sure that I want to get better.  Elitely so. xD

And I'm going to a Halloween party tonight even though I have an essay due tomorrow!  Whee!
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Yeah so I'm never trying that Kiriban thing ever again.  If you want a picture from me, just ask haha. xD

On another note, WATCH THIS OMG.
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I'll draw anything but the simpler it is, the less time it'll take~ xD

School has been good!  It's a lot less stressful than high school and everyone always gives such insightful comments in class.  I'm taking two art classes (Design and Drawing) and a writing class that goes along with my philosophy class called "Social Ethics for Earthlings and Others". xD  My professor for philosophy is such a nerd haha.  But she's awesome and we all love her.

Also, I love the Anime Club here!  Everyone there is really nice and we watch cool stuff, unlike in high school.  Right now, we're watching Nodame Cantabile, Code Geass, and sola.  I'd seen about 3 episodes of Nodame but stopped because I kept comparing it to the drama and that made it so much less enjoyable.  But now, it's been a long time since I've seen it so I'm enjoying it a lot more.  Watching it makes me miss piano sooo much. ;[  I'd watched about 6 episodes of Code Geass before I couldn't take anymore but the second run through seems a little better.  I actually liked the first episode of sola.  It's quite interesting.
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I did kiribans a LOOONG time ago but no one cared.  

But I really would have liked to draw stuff for people so if I started doing kiribans again, would anyone care? xD

And also, MOVE-IN IS WEDNESDAY.  EEP!  And classes start Monday! X_X