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baby shark, do do do do do do.

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Oh dangit these journal options got way fancier since the last time I used it. This site straight up makes me feel like an old woman sometimes. Gosh darned new fangled options. *waves cane around* Well 2020 has certainly been a shitstorm of a year. My annual updates are usually kind of dull ramblings but honestly 2020 has been a bit of a spicy year so maybe I'll write a bit more. Wait.. nah. Short and sweet for the win. \m/ Brief recap on my feelings about 2020 thus far: to hell with #Covid-19, hooray for successfully finishing #1L (first of law school, which now feels like some kind of weird fever dream admist the chaos of the pandemic and having to transition to remote), and -- most importantly -- #BLACKLIVESMATTER. On a random and unrelated note, I've been a homeowner for a year now, and I'm starting to discover that I care about plants!! I used to not care about gardening or having house plants since I am 1.) lazy and 2.) forgetful and also 3.) very likely to kill them --
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annual update alert. this year is actually amazing. finally about to get my own house. a HOUSE!!! my husband and our two kiddos cant wait! we will start moving in this friday! AHH! also - i got accepted into LAW SCHOOL! this is kind of a turn of events (from previous aspirations) however it is one I am exceedingly satisfied with! following my dad's legacy is a dream come true :) and he is back from the brink of death also! he was dying from liver failure last year, and this year he has recovered by leaps and bounds! my husband was also dying from a necrotic gallbladder and had a sepsis infection! 2018 was a crazy year. but everything ha
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well, since i like to do the annual journal thing, here it goes. 2018! this year i've been working on a project called dollify. i want to make a cute dress up doll app with lots of cute outfits because that is a minor passion of mine. i love character creation/dressing up crap, so it's slowly coming along, i've made some posts with some of the doll bases and outfits and will hopefully have more to show for it soon. i want it to be fully css/js/html5 but i'm rusty with these things and its a bit of a challenge, but its something to do. oldest kid is in kindergarten now, youngest is in her 2nd year of preschool (will be in preschool for 3 yea
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Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it!
You know, when I saw your username, I knew you'd be a long time user of deviantart. But 18 years ? Damn. I'm impressed.
Yeah I was 16 at the time I got this account, so now my account is older than I was when I made it. The site was super small back then, but it was one of the first sites where you could actually upload your own art to an automated gallery — so it was pretty cool and novel. It's also the only site from back then that still runs today.. my gallery's basically a damn museum at this point, rofl. I've stored away more than half of my art on here though. And despite not posting too frequently, I still am here :V But the community and this site as a whole have definitely changed over time. This used to be a site about skinning and modding, with some photography shots and stuff. Drawn art was not super big at the time, and the anime section only had a few hundred submissions in total. People would actually leave comments a lot more back then...  Anyway, I'm rambling now, cheers~
Too fantastic Too Fantastic
;w; gracias ~