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Attack On Titan [Survey Corps Logo]

EDIT (2015 November): I'm tired of being asked, as nice as you all are! Here's my verdict:

Yes, you can use this freely for your AoT costumes and work. Personal work or commercial. HOWEVER:

I do NOT condone selling the work if you simply only use the logo itself. I will do my utmost to ensure your work is removed if this is the case. Works that can be considered derivative are fine. 


Character design with it in the background or on the character. 3D logo work using this file as a base. Jacket/Cosplay design. Poster design with different design elements. Anything that isn't being sold is also automatically fine.


T-shirt/Mouse pad with the logo slapped on the front.

That all being said, it is also worth noting that my permission means jack shit on a grand scale; this logo is not my property. Sell any work based on the AoT series at your own risk.


I don't watch anime anymore, so I'm not sure on the accuracy of this logo. I created it for a friend's birthday desktop. I figured some people here might like it. You can use it freely, although if you do I'd appreciate a fav or a link!

The preview is the logo as accurately to the sample I had as possible. The .psd has everything in folders, separated.

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So THIS is the symbol on my friend's hoodie XD

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I have a phone case of this. :happybounce:

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Hi there! Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 

So I was looking for a transparent logo, and I'm working on an AoT OC on a base in SAI, and I was wondering if it was OK that I use this for the logo on her jacket?
(I'll credit you, of course. :))
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Could I use this for keychains I'm making and selling?? ; v ;
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It depends on how you intend to use it. If you're using them as a base for your own work (like you intend to draw on top of it or fancify the logo itself) you are free to do so (although I'd appreciate some credit). If you're just straight up using just the logo and selling that, then no.

From the looks of your gallery, you draw, so I'm pretty sure it'd be okay.
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I was planing to do something like a little tiny charm of it along with the character it's self //like a little extra thing that comes with the keychain// is that fine? owò
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This is the best logo I was able to come around. Used it for my character:…
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Thank you very much I am a dummy!  I used it here http://natyiinury.deviantart.c…
Can you possibbly make the other three logos as well?! If so that would be great!
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I certainly am capable, but it is unlikely. This was done for a friend and I'm not too huge of a fan. Maybe some day I'll get the inspiration or incentive I need to do that, but otherwise nope.
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Used your logo in some Levi fanart 
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Here you go. And thank you so much for making this!:tighthug:

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