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Wonderbolt Twilight

I just wanted to do it. She would make a great Wonderbolt!
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I love this picture so much! I think Twilight would make a great Wonderbolt!

Nah. She's not a good flier

Awesome art tho!
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Looks like she really *could* pass the written exam!
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Woww that's meant smart , magic anddd speeed ..
i love it,that so cool
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The Wonderbolts would be more popular than ever to see that they have an ALICORN on the team..
Azur-Wing's avatar
Not a bad look :) 
alvaxerox's avatar
Twilight as a wonderbolt, bad luck for Rainbow
henhackle's avatar
i can only imagine rainbow getting really angry that twi got in and not her XD
ToxicHolyGrenade's avatar
Nah, RD DID join them, and it will definitely be an awesome idea that TS would join them also. :3
Dragonjek's avatar
Then Rainbow Dash exploded.
skytheloxables's avatar
Then Rainbow Dash died.

The end.
EverfreeSparkle's avatar
Very well done picture! She must be the first Wonderbolt with a horn huh?
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I can imagine Dashie's face when seeing a Twilight wonderbolt.
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That she would! lol
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Can you put rainbow dash in the background crying because she didn't get in but twilight did that would be so funny it OK if you leave how it is it beautiful how it is you did a awesomely job
EverfreeSparkle's avatar
Funny? That would be heartbreaking!
thunderwingthegamer's avatar
lol twilight would make a better wounderbolt than dash (sorry dashie) because she already has all the knowledge for it and is clearly quite capable in flight now (not very good at it yet but with some practice and lessons she could really take off!) 
LunaBestPrincess's avatar know the wonderbolts are the BEST FLYERS IN ALL OF EQUESTRIA.Twilight probably can't learn to fly as good as Rainbow Dash.RD has been practicing for years.And also,some other people in the comments said that Twi getting to be a WB and RD not being a wonderbolt is FUNNY?!?!? SHE HAS BEEN TRAINING FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND TWILIGHT JUST GOT HER WINGS.HOW WOULD THAT BE FUNNY?HER LIFELONG HOPES AND DREAMS WILL BE CRUSHED.HOW IS THAT FUNNY?!?!?!?please talk some sense into them.thanks for your time.
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Epica, es adorableClapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle 
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