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Wonderbolt Academy

I wanted to draw Spitfire for a while, I really loved this episode!

This drawing will be available in A3 print at GalaCon. :)
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Wow That looks epic Clap Heart 
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Okay, I recognize Spitfire, Rainbow Dash and Bulk Biceps. But who are the other three.
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I loveee it! This is awesome :heart:
I love Spitfire's expression, she looks like a real leader! Well, she is :D
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In the end you will finally realize
I can see it in your eyes
Count your stars and all your dreams
And take of to the skies
Shut out all of your doubts
And forget what you've been told
'Cause this is what it will take
To be a Wonderbolt
- Wonderbolt, dBPony
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Does this site have your permission to sell your work?…
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Yes it's my Redbubble account.
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Just making sure, Sibsy found some of her work on there with out her permission (and a few others have also found there work on there with out permission as well, the site had links to their pages but still wasn't something they agreed to)
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Dem Spitfire eyebrows tho :D
*comes in on a hang glider*
Ahm takin over this show! Run up, Faust!!
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I just watch this episode lol
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I love that picture , ive bought it last year at the galacon .
After that ive hang it at my wall ^^ it looks awesome!
Will you come to this years gala too?
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Yeah of course! As each year!
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How did you do that?! My mind is blown! This is going in my favs!
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Pegasi = best ponies =) So epic!
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I forget the name of the lef pony but it seems like she fart. :silentkitty: Absb:star:r
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Will you be at DerpyCon 2016? You Smile Icon 
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Aw. Oh well, then xD 
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how long did this take?
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the guy's face got me XD
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