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The sweet and elite pony

Rarity having some pool time with her mojito.
Will be available as printed card at Bronydays.
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Has she had a swim?

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B.E.A.utiful! Well done. Love it

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hey,adlynh do you take requests? if you do,then i was wondering if you can draw my mlp oc/ponysona a.k.a firefly solstice? also do i have to pay you points or anything? here's a reference sheet of my mlp oc/ponysona.
Mlp Me A.k.a Firefly Solstice All Forms Reference by twidashfan1234
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Still one of, if not the sexiest Rarity pictures.
The sweet, elite, beautiful, gorgeous, lovely and trendsetting fashionista pony!!!!
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Đẹp thật!!!
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Bạn viết tiếng anh đi bạn, artist sẽ không hiểu đâu :) 

He said this is beautiful :) :iconadlynh:
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She is so beautiful!! :heart:
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1. I did not know Rarity drank such berverages
2. Reaction to seeing her come out of the water: Benio Nose Bleed Icon

P.S. Dang girl look fine.
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I finally bought it at HWcon after seeing it for 3 years at every convention I went.

I remember Bronydays 2013, when I first saw this poster I thought : "That's pretty but(t) it's too questionable".

And now, after 6 conventions, I got that gorgeous Rarity.

I hope you'll have a nice trip at Babscon :P see at the next European convention ;)
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I saw this at hearths warming con! Thank for being there and I hope you had a great time because I know I did!
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One of the loveliest Rarity pics!
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excellent use of color and contrast. as well, love the sunglasses. well done!
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gimme skills...
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O_0 this is amazing art work WOW
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Oh thank goodness someone told you about the art theft.. If you don't have a insta I can pass the message to her from you of you don't like her stealing this. 
This is absolutely amazing piece <3 <3 it disgusts me that reybeam ruined it with her recolor. I love how you draw the ponys (and that's a lot to say since I don't like mlp lol) 
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Hello, I don't know if you have an instagram but @reybeam_pride was recolored this photo as her oc without credit to you or your permission. Even though people keep telling her who the owner is she deletes their comment and pretends she doesn't know. I don't know if you're okay with it or anything but I just thought that you should be aware of it.
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Someone on Instagram recolored this photo. I'd be happy to tell you their user
Rarity is indeed best pony!
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