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Mane6 disguised as vilains

I just popped this out of my head. What if mane6 were dressed like some of their rivals?
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Still no Rarity

Adorable AND unique...!!!

I've never seen all the 6 done like this...!!!!

Charming AND unique...!!!

I'v never seen this take on all 6 before...!!!

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I would have thought Rainbow Dash would be the Shadowbolt and Pinkie Pie would be Discord, but GREAT picture! I love it!
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now i ship:
Rarity Moon
Trixie sparkle
Pink Maniac 
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This looks really nice!
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That looks coolio! :D
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Love the colors! Nice work!
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Pinkie Pie: Hey chaaaarllie! Want some caaannndddyyy?
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I like how Fluttershy seems to be all, "I am the Queen of Shadows, Lady of the Frozen North, and I will conquer all of Equestria! ...If you don't mind, that is."
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*conquers Equestria) *yay!* Mlp Evil Fluttershy animation 
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All of them looks Great :D!

Sad Rarity really did turn into Nightmare Rarity when she was plagued by Nightmares >-<
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i would put twilight as tyrek and applejack as chrysalis, but still cool, also fluttershy is all like "i am gonna rule the world with iron hoof... if you dont mind..."
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The look on flutter's face...LOVE IT XD!!!!! Soo cute!!!
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oh my god this super incredible!!!!

would you like to art trade with me plz!!!!!!i really like it i could do anything you like!!!!!!

in style like this!!

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Beautiful work!
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but pinkie... whos that?
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The Maneiac from the Season 4 episode, 'Power Ponies'.

Really fits her in a way.
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love Rarity's hair
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