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Countess Coloratura

The finest horse famous.
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Razzle dazzle,
Glitz and glam
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I don't know why, but every time I see her, I think of Lady Gaga. (I wonder if that's where her nickname "Rara" came from?)
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I love her expression and the detail! Epic!
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This so so beautifully drawn amazing work
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This is beautiful
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Beautiful, nice work! ^^
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She looks magnificent, but what are those things she's wearing on her wrists?
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
Spiked bracelets, and yes she does wear them in the show.
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Pose, colors, light reflection\shadows, mane and tail volume... All is in the right place... Excelent work! Wonder if I will this masterpiece on sale at the next Galacon...
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I have it in A5 size a a card on Canson paper. :) But I don't know yet if I try to sell it in poster size.
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Good to know. I would like to take one at the next Galacon.
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That pose...very well-drawn
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Dat famous pop horse!
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Wow, the joli, bravo
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seriously, i love her with this look.
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She is a great excellence.
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This is amazing! I think I'll use this as wallpaper on my phone because I really love it *.*
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Absolutely gorgeous, your coloring is always so on point. <3
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