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She is True heroine :lahigh: 
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It's an enemy stand!
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That's baddass beyond words.
Here is a monster ready to fight to the death to save her people and her King. 
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"There's so many fish in the sea
That only rise up in the sweat and smoke like mercury
But they keep you hanging on"

~Elvis Costello, 'Accidents Will Happen'

Yeah, I'm using lyrics from that same song again, but it's a great song and the lyrics fit so well for both Alphys and Undyne.
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Yooooo, this is epic! Nice'
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Alphonse Elric is envious of that armor. 7u7
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O: I love it so much!
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Ahhhhhh, this is just so amazing! :D
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Very cool and also perfect, yes??
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Undyne human your pretty strong to beable to break my helmet but not strong enough to defeat me nyahhh firsk .......... Undyne human try to block this attack frisk gets out of the way undyne no how do you doge me every time i attack you now trying to get out of the way of this human frisk doges all 100 of the spears nyhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you doge all that human what or who are you a enough talk have at you a million spears rain down apon you you die GAME OVER undyne yes!!!!!!!!!! Nyhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I finale killed him for the first time frisk undyne I'm back for you to fight me undyne what your alive what but how no no no no nyyhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Your DEAD HOW ARE YOU ALIVE HUMAN frisk I can come but form death by saven undyne sans has told me about that and you can do it firsk so you can't take my soul UNDYNE WHAT DID YOU SAY i said that you can't take my soul to asgore UNDYNE NONONONONONONONONONO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW WE ARE STUCK HERE FOREVER NYHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Undyne now is undyne the undien UNDYNE NOW DIE HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nyhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1000000000000000000000000002882282828188717117171717171717 spears are all in the air they all fall down on to your soul with fire on them and bones like papyrus,s bones fly at you you can't evoid all the attack you die but you feel like you are really died and cant reload you really GAME OVER ITS OVER YOU HAVE TO DIE GIVE UP ITS OVER You die and your soul is in undynes hands to go to asgore and give him the soul to open the barrier and chara dies to undyne YES I KILLED THE HUMAN TIME TO FREE US ALL UNDYNE GO,S to asgore and give him the soul asgore undyne you did it you kill the kid I got all the soul to break the barrier yes!!! undyne my work here is done good bye I will be ready to go kill the human on the surface asgore yes we will FUCKN KILL ALL THESE HUMAN FOR GETTING US STUCK HERE FOR SO LONG IM BREAK THE BARRIER NOW UNDYNE GO GET ALL OF THE MONTERS IN THE UNDERGROUND undyne yes sir ASGORE GOOD NOW I WILL BREAK THE BARRIER undyne yes ASGORE HERE I GO TAKE THIS FUCKN BARRIER THE BARRIER WAS BROKEN TO A MILLION PIECES undyne did you do it Asgore yes I did undyne yes we're free yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asgore I know right finally right undyne yes the end 
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Why hello, new phone lockscreen wallpaper. o.o
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She's so awesome! Great work!!
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This will be your final lesson, the teacher and the student, let the text begin.
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This is so beautifully drawn, love how it gives off a softness too ;w;
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Perfect! Looks like her eyepatch came off with half her helmet. Awesome details!
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Niceeeee : ) *claps*
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Undyne, I am fucking sick of you sticking spears in my damn face.
Get it outta my face before I beat you viciously with it.
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I love how you did her eye. :) So beautiful!
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So, if I may throw out an idea for the backstory of this image-

You're the yellow soul, Justice. You wield the Revolver with deadly precision, and you hide your face under the Cowboy Hat. You've made it through Snowdin after killing only once. However, you're worried of things to come.

You were warned of the heroine.

Undyne, the Undying Protector. The heroine who never gives up.

She's chased you, but finally you found her, awaiting you atop a mountain. She jumps down, and is about to go into a speech about taking your soul.

You fire your weapon with your lightning-fast trigger-finger. You've aimed to her head- She only has a split second to react. At the last second, she turns her head away, and instead of hitting her straight on, it hits her faceplate and knocks away a piece of it.

Instead of the fear you've seen from other monsters not used to your weapon, you see her smile. She raises her spear, and says...

"You're going to have to try a bit harder than that."
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Im still confused as to how it is implied that a kid has a loaded revolver
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