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Ooh I love the style and he looks about ready to kick your ass while bonetrousling plays
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Hey Papyrus, I made this drawing:


can I uploaded, I mean I will credit to you:D

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That pose seems really familiar to me, and I have no idea why.
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maybe because you did it before? idk xD
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That's pretty good - Underswap PapyrusThis emoticon describes this picture: Papyrus and mmmmh, perfect. 
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I LOVE papyrus so much i'm g
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everything about this is amazing 
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The Bonetrousle theme reminds me so much of mid-80s Elfman-era Oingo Boingo! :D (Big Grin)

Can't think of any compliments that haven't already been stated. The colors, the pose. It's just grand. I am a dummy!
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Why does this remind me of mettaton?
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because he's fucking fabulous
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Ah, yes, thanks for reminding me XD
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Whoa, incredible pose and depth!
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Such a cool dude^^
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Nehehehheheheheh Wowie! [Papyrus emote] Papyrus stop screaming Papyrus - Evacuation Comic 
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He looks like a magical boy :D  :')
( btw I love your Art ^-^ )
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It's not just the lighting, the shading, or the sheer beauty of the linework alone . . you seriously captured every little bit of Papyrus bravado and personality so freaking GORGEOUSLY.
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Hi there! Can I ask for your permission to use this beautiful piece for an Undertale fan-art compilation video? I'll be sure to credit and link to you in the video and description!
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Of course you can. But I have been too busy last month, so too late...Sorry<:3 Please call me again next time!
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