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Connor Hood Template

The long awaited hood template that you guys have been waiting for. This was vector from my newspaper pattern, so there might be a tiny bit of mismatching here and there. Well I hope it helps with your costume =).

The seam allowance is not included, you'll have to add that yourself. Sorry.
Download the pdf and open it in a vector program to scale it to your need.

How it looks:

Do send me your final product, I would love to see them xD
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Muy buen patrón voy intentar hacerla gracias por compartir

I tried to print off the template but the fit to size template is too small and when I uncheck the fit to size checkbox it will only let me print off one section of the template. How can I print off all the sections without it being fit to size checked?
For those that cannot or won't sew, I've mastered the Connor Kenway hoods. $90. You choose the colors. I crank these out for paintballers which when worn with a mask looks like the Destiny Hunter in a way. ;-)  They can in fact be worn in reverse.  



You can find me as DangerMan on Facebook. 
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Thank you dude!
Where I found more Assassins Creed hoodies patterns, sewing templates? Like this.  For example in pdf. I searched but nowhere found it. Thanks your helps! Please send links.
I esspecially search Ezio Brotherhodd hoodie.
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sorry, just a quick question; I also have a 23 inch head, but is the template meant to be printed in Acrobat Reader's "poster" setting?
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yeah, Using the poster setting should work, not sure if there is additional setting to help you align the papers afterward.
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ahhh Thank you so so much man, I actually saw you last year @ anime north too btw! it was tight lolz
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No problem. oh nice, yeah, didn't really plan anything for this year, so just gonna bring pikachu.
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Just downloaded this in the hope that it'll work out for my Assassin's Creed! Korra crossover.
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I hope it works out and happy new year :)
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Thank you, for  the pattern I've made a desktop reminder to show u my attempt
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ah, no problem. Hope the instruction is not too confusing. Happy making ^^
Connor. I'm working on a practical use modification that incorporates the half cloak (covering non-shooting arm) for paintball. It is double sided (using out and inner fabric). That removes any need for a wire frame or spine of any sort to keep the shape. To pull this off I'm working on the hood separate from the cloak and then of course bringing the two together with both sewn seams and rivets due to having some very thick meeting points.  

I need to discuss a couple details with you if possible. Is it possible to skype with you for about 10 minutes? I've already had the file printed ($1.25 for those curious) at a print shop due to the large document size.  I've also cut the fabric a bit over-sized to make room for a paintball mask. I've also pinned the fabric together (wrong side out of course) to test the size and then laid what I did understand to be the meeting points - so that I could confirm the size estimate I've got is correct. Despite my efforts, I still don't get some of your parts and where they meet. LOL  You can message me at DangerMans Lair on Facebook or private message me at Lars Hindsley on FB. If you don't mind discussing this with me. Thanks.
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Question!!!!: how can i measure my head for this and how would i resize this and make it fit on not just one paper so this can actually fit me!!!!
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Get a measuring tape and measure around your head just above the eyebrows. And then use that measurement divide it by 23 and then print the pdf in that percentage. Not sure about your 2nd question.
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What software do you use!!!
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adobe acrobat o-o.. i can't even tell if you are serious or trolling. download the file, open it, print it, cut it and that's your template to use on your fabric
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Well if you use paint it only want to print out in one sheet of paper..... duh
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didn't even know paint can open pdf. learn something new. huh
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Another question i have is you know trujin's AC3 suite patter (sophisticated) .....? Well, how can i resize that to fit my body because he's what like 6' something and so would i have to crop let's say the sleeve and how would i measure my arm to resize that. see I know these are alot of question but I really want to start cosplaying and sewing my own stuff any links to videos that helped you or advice or step by step info can really help me out!! :)
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hmm, I was using photoshop/illustrator to try and resize the image to my suppose body size. Best advice I can give you is get your hands dirty. You can research and learn all these steps, but knowing is different from doing. Try your first time with some cheap material, and get the hang of it before moving to your final fabric. You'll learn a lot more than watching any video or guide out there.
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Question!!! : how can i resize this so that it doenst orint in just one paper and actually fits on my head!!!
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I finished my coat that I made using your hood pattern! Thought you might want to see how it turned out.
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