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AC3 Connor Kenway's Hood

My hood for my AC3 Connor Kenway cosplay. It took me 3-4 hrs to complete the paper template for it. If you like the outcome of it and wants the design let me know in the comments. If a lot of people request for it. I'll move it up in my priority list of stuff to do and get it out to you guys sooner in an illustrator format.

Template: [link]
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Did you make some changes compared to your template? Because the back looks different.
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no, I didn't. That slanted slit looks more straight because of perspective i think. The pattern was transferred over from my newspaper mock up.
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Mine didn't come out perfect like yours, but isn't bad too.
Your template was really helpful.
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Glad it helped in anyway.
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I like the style and really matches Connors look~! Cheers for a great creation. You should see other designs at for a better perspective.
Can you purchase the eagle patch in the hood?
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ehh, not too sure what you mean. I hand stitched that, it was my first try so it was pretty bad.
Oh thought it looked good.
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your hood is so wonderful, what kind of fabric did you use because its not floppy and i'm just in love
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thanks, I used cotton twill for the white and denim for the blue.
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thank you thank you! youre awesome
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Wow, this is really cool! I love the patterns, they are so well-fitting and not wrinkly, I wish that my patterns were this good! :D
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i would LOVE the template!!
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Think you could get me the template? :) Great job btw
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Great hood design I would love a copy of the template of the hood thanks
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make it fitted to your head a bit tighter
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the template was designed while comparing to my own head so it is actually fitted. It is just that because as you see in these pictures it is not connected to the jacket, so I was pulling it up and forward a bit more than necessary to get that shadow covering the eyes.
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ooooo looks good! :D
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Oh this turned out great! I think I'm gonna have to grab the template from you.

How'd you go with the waistcoat?
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haven't got the chance to work on that yet. Have an mythology essay due tomorrow =X. Should I upload my wip regimental coat or when I finish the entire coat? =X

Oh and I just need to find myself a scanner at school to have the picture vectored using illustrator.
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I think you should upload your wip - it's really useful to see how people construct their pieces, and I'm keen to see how you're going!

Good luck with your essay!
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may i have the design of the hood, you did an AWESOME job on this :iconmegustaplz:
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may i have the pattern for the hood,, please
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