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Banshee portrait colour
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Published: April 4, 2011
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Great art! Your style is deft and lovely shaded. Smooth colour transitions and good overall compositions.

Are you into WHFB as well? Please pardon me asking, but would you by any chance be interested in helping out the volunteer project known as the Ninth Age (T9A for short: www.the-ninth-age.com/ )? It is the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy, run by 300+ volunteer contributors all tinkering in their spare time, and it aims to go even further than Warhammer did along the paths of historically based dark fantasy smörgåsbord setting: i.imgur.com/dlmQkB6.jpg

For one thing, T9A is the perfect way for what used to be Warhammer fantasy fanart to instead become official artwork for an emerging setting, and thus gain much more widespread exposure.

Moreover, T9A is always welcoming artists who want to join their art team, and your skill and distinctive designs would be great to have on board, should you ever be interested in joining and help develop this setting by putting your own distinctive mark upon its art pool. If you would by any chance be interested in donating old artworks of yours, then here is a quick guide for T9A gallery upload of art contributions: i.imgur.com/ORLCncV.jpg

I can get you in E-mail contact with the head of their art team, if ever you're interested.

At any rate, splendid artworks! Evocative to boot, and coloured almost like a dream. Have a nice day. :)
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"Like what you see filthy Mon-Keigh?" Heart 
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Time to head to the Adeptus Administratum Office to begin filling out the paperwork to get this Xeno Sanctioned ... to help the Imperium, of course ...
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I wouldn't be surprised if the Imperium kidnapped Eldar to use as sex slaves. Then again the Inquisition would disapprove.
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Nah, all joking aside that isn't very practical. The Eldar have very low populations and their societies place emphasis on stealth. It's possible that an eccentric Rogue Trader or a Radical Inquisitor would decide to keep a sanctioned xeno as a paramour; of any group in the Imperium, those two seem most capable of getting away with such acts. 
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You mean to tell me that even Inquisitors probably jerk off to Eldar tits in their free time? Damn.
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As a sanctioned psyker, I detect that her "War Mask" is off. She is not in the grip of Khaine at the moment, making her an eldar civilian rather than a proper Aspect Warrior.

In other words, NOW'S OUR CHANCE!

::starts shooting::
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All these xeno sympathizer. You do realize she thinks we're a bunch of monkeys with guns right? You've got a better chance at finding a female ork than getting with an eldar chick.
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attila535|Hobbyist Filmographer
Eldar: number one reason for awkward boners in the 41st millenium.
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PostApoc-Gear42|Student Traditional Artist
Beautyful Love 
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The problem with crushing on a craft world eldar: tell her she is pretty and she will promptly slice you like an onion yelling "Slanneeshi scum!!"
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She'll probably slice you anyway. But I doubt it'll be just because someone said she was pretty.
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and this is the exact reason why I hate fighting Eldar. 
I just can´t hate them! Fucking Biology. 
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excellent expression
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That's what you're hating on, Mon-Keigh.
I hope you feel bad now. ;)

(of course you don't, in 40k only Hatred is Magic. Friendship is Heresy.)
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Hey i don't hate them as long as they don't come at me with ill killer intentions and weapons that reduce a lot of things into flesh paste. She does have beautiful eyes and face and GAHHH heretical thoughts must flog myself till i bleed and pray to the emperor.
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It is not seeing her coming at you with killing intent that you should worry about.
 It is NOT seeing her at all that you should worry about! O_O

Them Eldar are a tricky lot. Whatever they are are doing, you can be sure there are at least a dozen traps behind them and hundred plots before them.
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Tazirai|Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing, she's gorgeous!
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very awesome
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This is all levels of amazing!!
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