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Rebellion of the Queen

This is the breaking point in my tale, when Chrysalis calls her swarm and conquer the Crystal Empire, draining Sombra's magic and claimin his throne. As she mocking the king, she takes his crown and armor too. But Chrysalis is still not satisfied and she is fighting with her changeling nature which is still hungry for conquer. She has the Crystal Heart and Sombra for draining... but something is missing. Something is bothering her inside. Her heart isn't empty any more... and it is making her angry.

Me and my dad fought a big battle with the computer, but I managed to make this pic after all ^^;
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here's a link to my famfic to this picture too!!!

Rebellion Of The Queen by princesscelestia45

hope you don't mind if i use your art
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You didn't use it as a cover, you posted this as your own.
No. I don't allow it.
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she's also using your artwork here:
Nightmare Of The Queen by princesscelestia45
The Saphire Prism by princesscelestia45
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they still have your artwork up as a regular art submission. you might want to report it as a violation of intellectual property if you want it taken down. only the original artist can do this. this user is doing this to a lot of artists.
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I looked at the form and I was a bit frightened. My English is not perfect and I didn't realy understand some parts of it.
And I am a bit concerned, that mlp is not my property… my art is just fanart. I don't want to get into trouble.
But thanks for telling me about this ^^; I am considering. 
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Even if your art is fanart, it is still YOUR art. You own your art. You own your fanart. Another person does not have the right to submit your fan art on deviantART and claim it as their own. You will not get in trouble for reporting proncesscelestia45 for stealing your art.
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Looks like a final boss pic.
Can I please use this as the cover for a fanfic I'm working on? I've looked everywhere for something like this. 
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Yes, if you credit me. :aww:
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But I thought she's his wife! Oh well
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ALWAYS enjoyed Queen Chrysalis! very interesting character.
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Chrysalis: I will eat all of your love!

Sombra: You will starve.
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-sarcasm- I am terribly frightened.
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I can imagine her quoting Galadriel from LotR when she adresses her subjects at this point.
Chrysalis: " In place of the Dark Lord, you would have a Queen! Not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Dawn! Treacherous as the Sea! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love me and despair!"
Canonically, I don't think Chrysalis could take on Sombra. He has no love for her to drain. Even when gorged on love, Chrysalis could (barely) overpower one Princess, while it took two to stop Sombra.

That said, you always draw such a magnificent Chrysalis.
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Correction. It took two and elements of harmony to overpower Sombra in his prime
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Daughter of King Sombra and Queen Chrystallis
Dark Ruby
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Nice... that's not a bad name! Thank you :aww:
Wow. I could so see King Sombra and her as a couple.
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King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis 4ever!
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WOW! I love Chrisy... and I Love this pic! *w*
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I hate to be "that guy" but in all honesty, I think Queen Chrysalis is boring.  OK yeah she looks cool she surprised me when i saw her but soon after that i thought she was just a generic bad guy that i have seen used over and over again.
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Why does the title remind me of Code Geass? Heh, My Little Pony: Chrysalis of the Rebellion.
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