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MLP Descendants - Ch1 - Page 17

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Sorry if I can't update often enough, but I got a horrible job -.-
Anyway... thank you, if you are still reading the comic.
We are looking forward an interesting conversation.
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I just wait for somepony to ask Stinger: "Do you consider yourself lucky, punk?"...
OmegaCh4os's avatar
"Your father is badass" Great words. ^^
LeapingHorses's avatar
I love the little photos on the wall.
Oh dear. This is going to be a disaster. I can see the train wreck coming.
Oh. It's da toilet nerd prince. XD
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Your job may be bad, but your art is awesome!
QAtheAuthoress's avatar
Did Sombra just have tea with Twily's evil son?
QAtheAuthoress's avatar
I guess being bad doesn't stop you from having good manners. XD
it reminds me of the cliché I am nervous, so I will offer you tea in hopes of distracting you" I find it hilarious,
QAtheAuthoress's avatar
Somehow I don't think a former evil badass like Sombra would be nervous in this situation. Magic or not he is not taking Twily's son's sh*t. XD
tigreanpony's avatar
This is getting good keep up the great work.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
It's ... Midnight ... :-O
Out with you, you probable-matricide traitor!! Booh! :iconknightplz:
crazyfirewolf's avatar
great comic, i am loving this so far. even Sombra who for once isn't a evil person. even though in the MLP comic he turns good and stuff, but still. nice work so far on this.
LezzyBugO3O's avatar
Stinger will either transform into a big burly stallion to scare off the guards or a super gorgeous mare in an attempt to seduce them. That being said, at least Sombra isn't chained up.

Also nice touch with the pictures over the fireplace. So cute!
Nice flowers but I wonder where they got them from. Update whenever you have the time, you are doing a great job.
NecromancerKing85's avatar
thos evil solders looks so freaking awesome
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