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MLP Descendants - Ch1 - Page 06

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Aurora have dreams. It is because, Luna and Celestia chose her, to inherit their power. But something went off, and Aurora didn't received the alicorn magic. Only a very small portion of it. 
And Mindnight's troops attacking the Crystal Empire again.
But why? ;)
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Just another day in paradise. XD
alithepikachu's avatar
Ropes??? Bombs??? what ever you want its YOURS my friend as long as you have enough rupees 
- Midnight 
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Hmm ... do you have oil lamps?
alithepikachu's avatar
yeah but they last for only two steps through theyre QUITE useless 
- Midnight
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
What?! Midnight, are you serious?

What in Equus are oil lamps good for if it lasts only two steps?

I swear, something in their design is seriously fecky.
alithepikachu's avatar
thats why we have flash lights 
- Midnight
Nothing out of the ordinary, then. At least not yet.
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This is getting interesting I think you have earned a watch.
Midnight: Mmmm! Bombs? You want bombs?.... Here you go!
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What didn't you mention Princess Amore yet? Or she's gonna appear in a flashback?
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I don't know yet, what is Amore's fate. So she is not planed to appear in this comic.
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Beautifull. Again sorry for sounding impentiant but personally im both invested in both Amber and Stinger. Sorry if this bother you, its just because of his design Stinger not only looks like a rebel but i can see him soeaking like this:…
Haseo55's avatar
Well, thats how i picture him, don't ask why because i dont even know the awnser
TianisX's avatar
Misspelled "Doubt" in panel 1, no H in it
Did the alicorn magic go somewhere else?Or to somepony else?
Yula568's avatar
Luna and Celestia still has it, because the process was "disturbed". But it had effects on Aurora.
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so is he gonna drop a nuke or give a threat of a nuke at some point?
supergenie's avatar
This is great! I really wonder what's gonna happen after this.
QAtheAuthoress's avatar
I wonder what's gonna happen?
MDWebster's avatar
Nick - Icon What a gentlecolt.

Eye Roll (Coming from a guy)
DEAMONETT's avatar
Seems like the evil dictator is bombing us again. And he didn't even bother to give us a death threat. Rude. 
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