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MLP Descendants - Ch1 - Page 01

<<Prologue --- NEXT>>

And so it begins in Canterlot. With the emperor himself.
Thank you all the comments. They help me go forward :aww:
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A'kay... Is he talking about Cadence or Sombra when he mentions 'long lost mentor'? That's interesting. Maybe Sombra DOES play a much bigger part in all this.
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What presence OoO
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Now the story finally beguns
He's waited for so very long for this day. How could you ever suggest that he'd stay here and miss it?

Besides, with his bloodline and training, he could probably take any pair of his soldiers in combat. He don't need to worry about him.
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You dare question your leader and his magnificent metal eyepatch! Flog him! Flog the sass right out of him!
Can't wait to read the next issue :)
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*Interest intensifies*
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Hmm... interesting...
Who's his mentor?
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Dark Side ahahahahhaha
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*reading a new chapter "MLP Descendants" feeling you with Determination
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