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MLP - Descendants

First art of 2016 :aww:

This one was inspired by the Star Wars movie. I started to think, what kind of world will be for the children of the current heroes or villains. I wanted to do some unexpected characters. Not many little princesses... but something more depressing.

I imagined, that the main hero would be the daughter of Sombra and Hope, Amber. She is a gem-mage, as a mix of her daddy's shadow crystal ability and her mother's light power. She can sense the gemstones like Rarity, but she can manipulate them to grow or she can use the hidden magic inside them. She was raised in isolation, because her parents moved far to the north into a little cottage. For this, she don't have much friends... except a very unlikely one.
Queen Chrysalis received her divine judgement a very funny way: in the person of her son. The Changeling Prince - or Stinger as he calls himself - is a real troublemaker and gives his mother the shivers and headaces. He is not a bad person, but he never shuts his mouth, just like his mom. A true rebell prince, who come and go, as he pleases.
As for the turning of the world, tragedy struck the family of Princess Twilight, as her son assumed power and became the dictator of the Equestrian Empire, forcing the princesses into exile, on the Moon. Civil war ravages the land, as he is attacking his cousin's, Princess Aurora's kingdom, the northern Crystal Empire, the last free nation of Equestria. 

Well... I hope, you like this little idea :D


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Привет Юла568. Я канал Мелодии. Я перевожу и озвучиваю ваши комиксы. они действительно красивые. особенно комиксы «король и я», а также «мастера и ученики» и такие, как «потомки». Моя озвучка - много голоса. Меня озвучивают в месте с друзьями. Я просто хочу поблагодарить вас за такие комиксы. и задать несколько вопросов. Первый вопрос: будет ли продолжение комических «потомков»? Второй вопрос: могу ли я вам чем-нибудь помочь? Я русский. но я хорошо говорю по английски
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Sorry... i don’t understand what you are writing...
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I recognise this as Russian, so I directly google translated it for you (note: google translate isn’t perfect so some parts may not make sense, forgive me).

”Hi Yula568. I am the channel Ringtones. I translate and voice your comics. they are really beautiful. especially the “King and I” comics, as well as “masters and disciples” and such as “descendants”. My voice acting is a lot of voice. I am sounded in a place with friends. I just want to thank you for such comics. and ask some questions. First question: will there be a continuation of the comic "descendants"? The second question: can I help you with anything? I am Russian. but I speak English well.”

Hope this helped.
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Gorgeous art, and I do love seeing people's takes on next-gen characters! Color me interested.
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Where to get tickets
I suppose I do have a weakness for the Sombra/Hope ship.
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Interesting idea here looking forward to it.
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This is going to be a very interesting experience, ONWARD!
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Dang. I dig it!  Next page!
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Dang. I dig it!  Next page!
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Well I'm definitely keeping an eye on this.
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I love it.............
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The only thing I question is the last one about Twilight. Just... how?
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I don't want to spoiler. I plan to tell it on another picture. ^^
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Looking forward to it!
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So Twilight Sparkle has given birth to a bad son.
How did this happen? What became of the Mane 6 and of Twi's husband (who's he, by the way?)?

Hmmm ... say ... if Princess Aurora, Ruler of the Crystal Empire, is the cousin of Twilight's son, it mean that Aurora is the daughter of Shining Armor and Mi Amore Cadenza, right?
Did Shining follow his wife in exile, or did he stay to fight off his nephew's forces?


I know. No spoiler, etc.

But ya got me hooked, Yula.
This project needs to be done in full.
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Awesome idea. I hope you do this as a series!
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Well... I don't have time to make an entire series, but maybe some other pictures or comics ^^;
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This is a very interesting idea, I like the changeling prince.
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Really good idea and characters
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Hmmm..... Looks Epic, let's see what will happen next.
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