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MLP Castle Sweet Castle - Sombra's idea

Just my quick reaction to the new episode "Castle Sweet Castle".
My thouts are still around Sombra and I just imagined, what would he say, if he would be reformed, and living with the girls. :D 

The backgound is screenshot from the episode. 
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Ha, ha SOMBRA GET AWAY AND GET THEM SLAVES! MUAHAHA-ha-ha... I mean, BAD SOMBRA! he he he.... Alice Cartalet Emote (Kiniro Mosaic) - Nervous 
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Why is my exact reaction Rarity's?
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Well, he is reformed, but not that reformed.
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Spike: But it is a good idea!
Rainbow: Are you crazy Spike?!!!! how you think that is a good idea?!!
Spike: who do you think clean this big castle?
Twilight: Spike, this don't care. Now we share the magic of friendship with Equestria
Spike:Pissed .... THATS IT!!... you don't appreciate my work, I give up (he goes out)
Twilight: ok, Sombra, what do you said about slave my enemies? I know someponies from Celestia's school to star Mwahahahahahahaha! 
Rarity and Rainbow: :-o (Eek) 
Discord:This will be interesting Popcorn 
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They can just hire butlers and maids. She's a Princess, what's her allowance?
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just call it 'public service' and it's totally legit :D
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I think this would be a killer series really, think about it, reformed villains or other characters that, for some reason, are reformed or join the party in some way. And thus interact with the episode in a funny manner.
Maybe what the castle needs is more crystals. You can never have too many crystals.
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Too slave-like there... :XD:
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Lol, that was funny, I guess that would be the way it would work if he was getting reformed like Discord.
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Well what about crystal golems?
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Great idea, Sombra!  Go clean the bathrooms.
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aaaaaah no remedy
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Thanks. Your description to this picture has now sparked a new story idea.
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Awww poor Sombra! 
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Sombra: Crrrrrryssssstaaaarrrrrlllsssssrrrrrrr....

Everyone: For the last time, it's already made of crystals.

Sombra: Aww. :(
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Stairs. The castle could definitely use more stairs.
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I actually wanna see an episode when Sombra get reformed
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have you read the comic yet?
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Yes about Sombra's past this is why I want too see an episode about him !
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