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I will rule


"I will do, what queens do. I will rule." (Game of Thrones - Daenerys)


Inspired by this quatro. 
IMPORTANT: this scene is not part of my story. Only a bit...
This is how Chrysalis imagine her revenge and rule in the Crystal Empire, if she can defeat Sombra.
She don't expect, that Sombra realy loves her and she will fall in love with him too.
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I don't know... maybe it is the chained Sombra, but I like, what I'm seeing there. He he he. EVIL Laughter! 
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Oh the irony. King Sombra got mind controlled. ^^;
Foxhunter87's avatar
if she tred in real life outside her dream she WOULD GO TO THE....
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
Love your picture :D

I think I could actually see something like this happen if Chrysalis got her revenge.
flutter-butter55678's avatar
WHAT?! sombra is....i don't know, i guess controlled by chrysalis?! oh god, I love this.
Yula568's avatar
Yep. It's Chrysi's dream :D
WTFBOOM2142's avatar
Ez. Egyszerűen. Király! Vagy mondhatnám királynő? :P
shadowzero20's avatar
thought didnt like the swiss leg looks of her, she one my favorite villians in series.
DoughnutJoe's avatar
This is funny. I wonder which would get the upper hand? Maybe they could take turns being the boss. :)
shinshukue98's avatar
Omg, Chrysalis is the embodiment of my goals.
1.) Be a boss ass bitch
2.) Have men kneel at my feet like they're pathetic rats.
3.) Have a kingdom
4.) Have an army
5.)Have a ton of money where I don't know what to spend it on anymore
6.)Become a goddess
ElMarti1997's avatar
<font><font>conquistaron a sombra literalmente </font></font>
Sup-Gurl's avatar
king sombra's dark  magic are more powerful, then that thing not gonna happen.
aramadon's avatar
Chrysalis: "What? You think ponies are the only species with magical artifacts of untold power stashed away somewhere?  What a pony-centric way of thinking... I had some help in chaining myself a tyrant."
Zalleus's avatar
Don't worry, he's just biding his time...
Sup-Gurl's avatar
oh well........(actually i kinda dont like king sombra x chrysalis.....)
Zalleus's avatar
Neither does Sombra. Expect a military coup at his earliest oppurtunity.
DeJiKo07's avatar
Wow, Sombra submitting himself to Chrysalis. I wonder all the stuffs that the Queen will do to him.
Do you have this story on FIMfiction? If so send me the link.
Yula568's avatar
Sorry I can't write this much english. My friend tried to translate... but she has not much free time for it.
Aw. I'm going to go die now. T_____T
MagicMan001's avatar
Man, her thighs are HUGE!
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Trade one villain for another.
mickeyODST's avatar
Oh, hello there, Arbiter.
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