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Darksiders - Are you not entertained? by Yula568 Darksiders - Are you not entertained? :iconyula568:Yula568 22 5 MHW Song of Kulve Taroth - Shiny by Yula568 MHW Song of Kulve Taroth - Shiny :iconyula568:Yula568 45 4 MHW - Nergigante by Yula568 MHW - Nergigante :iconyula568:Yula568 49 2 Divinity: OS2 - Red and Blue by Yula568 Divinity: OS2 - Red and Blue :iconyula568:Yula568 20 4 Monster Inc. Anime - Scene by Yula568 Monster Inc. Anime - Scene :iconyula568:Yula568 29 3 Huntress - My best try by Yula568 Huntress - My best try :iconyula568:Yula568 32 2 Speed-paint Mecha by Yula568 Speed-paint Mecha :iconyula568:Yula568 23 1 Shagaru - Golden God of Frenzy by Yula568 Shagaru - Golden God of Frenzy :iconyula568:Yula568 33 2 Brolga and River - Run free by Yula568 Brolga and River - Run free :iconyula568:Yula568 29 1 MHW - Odogaron by Yula568 MHW - Odogaron :iconyula568:Yula568 44 5 MHW - Bazelgeuse by Yula568 MHW - Bazelgeuse :iconyula568:Yula568 37 6 MHW - Diablos by Yula568 MHW - Diablos :iconyula568:Yula568 29 7 MHW - Baroth by Yula568 MHW - Baroth :iconyula568:Yula568 27 2 MHW - Great Jagras by Yula568 MHW - Great Jagras :iconyula568:Yula568 28 1 MHW - Kulu by Yula568 MHW - Kulu :iconyula568:Yula568 23 2 MHW - Anjanath by Yula568 MHW - Anjanath :iconyula568:Yula568 28 1


Warframe ivara by XiaoBotong Warframe ivara :iconxiaobotong:XiaoBotong 431 5 Eclipse Leona promo art/ early concept by su-ke Eclipse Leona promo art/ early concept :iconsu-ke:su-ke 283 2 Legendary VS comic, concept art by su-ke Legendary VS comic, concept art :iconsu-ke:su-ke 220 1 ending: riven wins 3 by su-ke ending: riven wins 3 :iconsu-ke:su-ke 439 4 yasuo wins 3 by su-ke yasuo wins 3 :iconsu-ke:su-ke 312 9 PFKM - Spice Girls VS The Edgy McEdgersons by aimo PFKM - Spice Girls VS The Edgy McEdgersons :iconaimo:aimo 121 7 undertow by avodkabottle undertow :iconavodkabottle:avodkabottle 283 0 Warframe Bionicle crossover by Kevin-Glint Warframe Bionicle crossover :iconkevin-glint:Kevin-Glint 517 48 Nova Prime by Kevin-Glint Nova Prime :iconkevin-glint:Kevin-Glint 689 27 Li-Ming by Sagas293 Li-Ming :iconsagas293:Sagas293 160 6 Sunset Starlight Tempest Sonata adventure by Light by Light262 Sunset Starlight Tempest Sonata adventure by Light :iconlight262:Light262 2,660 221 Knights Chronicle :Ashley by sakimichan Knights Chronicle :Ashley :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,851 43 Disney Princess Battle Royale : YouTube! by rossdraws Disney Princess Battle Royale : YouTube! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 7,944 357 She-Ra, Glimmer + Bow by daekazu She-Ra, Glimmer + Bow :icondaekazu:daekazu 806 39 Baby Dragons 2 by sandara Baby Dragons 2 :iconsandara:sandara 4,373 145 [Practice]Nu Gundam by girlsay [Practice]Nu Gundam :icongirlsay:girlsay 188 23



Yula568's Profile Picture
Elia Vraay
Favourite genre of music: Movie/PC game soundtracks
Favourite style of art: digital paint/speedpaint/ink
Favourite cartoon character: Mewtwo, Starscream, Knockout, Optimus Prime, Richard(LFG), Malcho(Aladdin Series), Discord/Chrysalis/King Sombra(MLP:FiM), Lord Shen(Kung Fu Panda 2), Randall Boggs (Monster Inc./University)


Darksiders - Are you not entertained?
Despite he is a bit of a villain an a jerk, I love him.
(With the voice of MARK HAMIL!! He is doing his Joker-voice for him and it is so cool! :O

I would love to see him return for revenge against War, and this would be a more "evolved" form I would give him to fulfill his vengeance-plan >:D
MHW Song of Kulve Taroth - Shiny
Well, Kulve Taroth hasn't always been this glam
I was a drab little dragon once
Now I know I can be happy as a clam
Because I'm beautiful, baby!

Did your granny say listen to your heart
Be who you are on the inside?
I need three words to tear her argument apart
Your granny lied!

I'd rather be
Like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck
Scrub the deck and make it look
I will sparkle like a wealthy woman's neck
Just a sec!

Don't you know
Fish are dumb, dumb, dumb
They chase anything that glitters (beginners!)
Oh, and here they come, come, come
To the brightest thing that glitters
Mmm, fish dinners

I just love free food

And you look like seafood (seafood)

Well, well, well

Little Nergi's having trouble with his look
You little semi-demi-mini-god
Ouch! What a terrible performance
Get the hook (get it?)
You don't swing it like you used to, man!

Yet I have to give you credit for my start
And your spikes on the outside
For just like you I made myself a work of art
I'll never hide; I can't, I'm too


Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough
Strut my stuff; my stuff is so
Send your armies but they'll never be enough
My shell's too tough.

Nergi man, you could try, try, try
But you can't expect a demi-god
To beat a decapod (give it up)
You will die, die, die
Now it's time for me to take apart
Your aching heart

Far from the ones who abandoned you
Chasing the love of these humans
Who made you feel wanted
You tried to be tough
But your armour's just not hard enough
Now it's time to kick your
Ever seen someone so
Soak it in 'cause it's the last you'll ever see
C'est la vie mon ami
I'm so
Now I'll eat you, so prepare your final plea
Just for me

You'll never be quite as

You wish you were nice and

(Song is originaly Moana/Vaiana - "Shiny")

This song is just Kulve. Every part is perfect for her.
And can't help but see her a bit more crazy because of this. ^^;
MHW - Nergigante
The king himself. The invincible. The powerful. He is a fan-favourite and the unsung hero of MHW.
As for the story I think for him:

Nergigante originally lived in the Wildspire Wastes as king of the New World. Noone was match for his brute strength, not even the few elders arriving to the continent. 
Baby Rathalos saw him and instantly found his idol and role-model. Nergi didn't hurt the hatchling and actually liked him, but knew he can't take care of him. 
When asked, Tobi tells, Nergigante asked a Kirin to tell the future for him and he didn't like what the Kirin said. He vanished from the Wastes not long after this prophecy.
Nergi found the Elder's Recess during this time and moved there to investigate the strange energy and the connection with the Kirin's prophecy. But as more elders died there, due to old age, Nergi felt the increasing power in the earth too. He just had some feelings about the mysterious "sleeping god" under the Recess and decided, that the awakening of said god will cause the bad things he was warned about.
He decided to consume the dying elders to minimize the energy-flow into the underground. However, during this process, his own behaviour changed dramatically. He became stronger, but more aggressive too. Soon noone was safe entering the Recess, and the few monsters who lived there, learned to avoid his wrath.  
Dear watchers,

I want to apologize to everyone who waited the Descendants comic to continue.
I know I was silent for a very long time.

I am sorry too, that I couldn't continue this story in the past months. I still want to, but by the time I reach my pc I am simply too tired to draw anything. 
I don't have any spirit to draw. I even doubt, that I can still draw. I... I am just lost right now... and tired. 

So, I want to say, that I am sorry. I will try to draw again, but I don't know if I can complete this story alone. :(

There is no day I didn't think about this comic and the watchers who waited for it.
I thank you for your patience, and I will try to come back, someday... 




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like it man! cool art.
Fuedra Featured By Owner Edited Aug 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello Yula568, I just wanted to inform you that someone by the name of princesscelestia45 has taken you picture known as Nightmare of The Queen, and claimed it as their own. I have already reported it as potential art theft, but I thought I should let you know as a courtesy to you, what with you being the original artist and all.
Yula568 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2018
Hi, thank you for telling me. I reported too and sent him a message to stop. I don't think it will have any effect, but at least I tried. Thank you again.
Fuedra Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
No prob, sadly he seems to be under some sort of delusion that if he simply states that it is not his artwork, he does not have to remove it, even if the artist in question tells him to.
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